The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

blue and green ... and I smelled "Spring" today!

Snapped yesterday during a long walk with Sammy ... big blue sky with icey clouds moving fast enough to make the ground spin ... I love that, when you can see the currents above.  Contrails laid down as crisp and clean as a juicy apple danced away quickly joining the flow ... it was as though the plane had never been there  ... I love to watch their lines dissipate ... or linger ... I love to watch their lines and never think of where they may be going, only that they were here as their lines are there and they contributed something in their passing to that ever evoling blue.  A poet observed the world as green, and on my walk abouts I see green unfurling so sweetly birthing the other colors of Spring ... again stuff (it repeats for emphasis like other very important things) ... as a familiar melody all the bits of creation sing ... a canon of life present and eternal.  Green ... life as I may expect it ... and then the ever-changing, never the same, blue always present over head ... another element to enjoy and be instructed by, it encases, nourishing the green (and yeah, I know the green touches and tends to the blue it can reach, the air is very clean here in the forest where I live).
All that musing to say ... as we walk, Sammy and I, he sniffs about at the ground absorbing info beyond my interest (messages encoded in urine I disdain) and pauses patiently while I try to capture a picture of the joy a tiny  (it's tiny up there in the flight levels where I see it and much bigger, more significant as a construct then it could possibly be on the ground (I think that, accepting that I will never see it on the ground)) airplane awakens in its wake ... white dispersing with/into/enhancing the other white, swirling in patterns too large for my eyes to see from the ground.  The jet stream is moving North as it tends to do when the ground remembers green.  ---> excerpt :

"When most of us were growing up, the solar system seemed reliable and well behaved. “There were nine planets orbiting in well-determined orbits like clockwork, forever,” says Renu Malhotra of the University of Arizona. “Forever in the past, and forever in the future.” 
Newton himself knew that reality was messier. The planets, he recognized, must also interact with one another.
... "
Hal Levison's talks  (for leisurely looking later)

 Chaos ... interesting word, I think it is a convenient label for what is not understood.  We sure do like to organize "things".  Maybe it is "flow" which is so very difficult to understand ... maybe we just need a different view whereby to see bigger and smaller better, more clearly.

(In other news this week ... full strength Vit. D milk no longer in time out.)

Time for the dog to swirl me around as we walk.



John Venlet said...

DeAnn. Melis and I smelled Spring yesterday, also (41 degrees, lots of thawing going on, and sunshine). Today (Wednesday) is the same, and tomorrow will be also, with chance of thunderstorms too (or so they say), but then it's back to Winter weather again for awhile. 41 feels downright balmy compared to the chills we've had this Winter.

DeAnn said...

I can't get over how much snow y'all get up there! Must be a bit like living in a snow globe. Nice to have a break in the shoveling I'll bet! Today I saw Spring bulbs beginning to open. Hang in there ... warmer weather moving North!