The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Monday, July 28, 2014

second from left, my older brother
little me
This very old pic was with my mother's things.  She probably took this picture, she enjoyed photography and frequently had her kodak brownie swinging from her shoulder.
The look on my face cracks me up ... and to me the somewhat quizzical expression, the sweet simplicity of the outfit, the wide open eyes and the stillness, the composure, precisely captures little me.  It's funny to see the way I held my hand ... my lines are the same as I sit here tapping out thoughts.  I remember some of those kids.  I wouldn't have like it there, bunched up together with "not my brother".  That looks like a how much longer... look .

We are back in Texas for a couple of weeks.
Hanging around with my mother-in-law today.  She is the sole occupant of an excruciatingly nice memory care facility.  We walked in this morning and made ourselves at home in two different salon areas ... husband has the tv on ... V and I are around a corner near an outlet for her charger.  No one is in the building to greet/screen visitors.  The yardman is the only person we have seen.  I guess she is in therapy somewhere.  We had dinner with her here yesterday and stayed past nine.  She remembers her son and is gracious towards us, she knows we are her guests, but not the connection.  I'm burning hotspot time because no one here (so far we've seen only the chef, a care giver, and a guy who seems to be an investor who just "happened by" last night) knows the password for the WiFi.  We plan to take G'mere out for a little shopping trip.  She says she needs something to keep her hair from blowing around when she is outside.  It's interesting to see what tiny comforts she holds to.  I may have to get on eBay to find one of those fifties chiffon hair scarves ... that's what she wants, though she calls it a hair net.
I don't like it here ... the place is "styled" for sales, but I am uncertain about what is actually being bought.  It "looks" good (and for now it is the best we can do).

My life, I realize suddenly, is July. Childhood is June, and old age is August, but here it is, July, and my life, this year, is July inside of July. ~ Rick Bass

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23 July 2014

Rise and shine is coming pretty early around here.  I like that I already have half of my 10,000 steps done for the day and a second cup of coffee is getting cold in front of me.  I like that I can spend a few minutes looking at what my buddy girl has "pinned" to our shared board ... and I like the idea, the very fact, that one can share boards.  It makes her feel nearer and that helps me with (among other comforting things) the idea of "abiding" with what or who I hold most dear, even when "near" is more difficult to realize.  There is a lyric which says, "...and bless the moments that we feel You nearer."  I am learning to amend that to find You nearer, because it seems that one has not to do but look, look as Turrell encourages us to do, look for the light one can "see" with the eyes shut.  Gosh, I hope I can visit his crater.  Isn't it fun that one goes to a hole to see ... what's up?  We seek "wholeness".

So ... today.  Time to notice that the screens on the front of the house want to be cleaned.  Mine are dusty looking, and there is a silvery little spider web tucked in behind one.  The screens are making the windows look neglected (because they are).  So ... ha, I will think about that today, but I will do nothing about it.  Today I'm supposed to start getting things ready for a little road trip back to Texas.  A visit.  Cleaning the vehicle is my top priority today.

Lately I've been researching stuff on "Sarah".  God's Sarah.  She seems pretty epic.  Surely someone has already done a really thorough project on that.  I am finding that I need help with the words.  I'm not so sure that some of the connotations weren't skewed, biased.  And ... there is all that cultural stuff which I am trying to grapple with.  For example ... some references say things like ... she and Abraham had same father different mothers ... others say he was her cousin, or just a blood relative.  Some one said she is the prototypical "second-Eve", mother to us all ... that idea along with feminine perfection.  Her name may have always had connotations of "princess", ruler ... queen, or it may have inferred "contentiousness" when it was Sarai.  I'm laughing to myself (which she also seemed to do a bit of) ... a "bossy" woman is most often seen as contentious even today (and those who come readily to mind do pop up wagging their fingers along with their tongues.  L was telling me that Pelosi said "we" should be thinking of this recent "immigration" as baby Jesus individuals ... maybe she really said Jesús ... the Jesus thing would just be manipulative, wouldn't it?)  So ... Sarah ... submissive Sarah.  In fact, she doesn't read as submissive.  In fact, Abraham is looking different then how I pictured him.  It's going to be a while before I know what I think there ... it's worth spending the time (even as I look for credible short cuts ... I'm no Hebrew scholar but it's looking like the women had more significant roles then I have accepted from the little Sunday school snippets.  My education is lacking. 

Yeah ... looking at "submission" naturally brings one to looking at slavery.  Enslaved.  Slave.  I like that the Bible actually says stuff like ... Joseph  sold into slavery, his brothers thought that would be better for them then having his blood on their hands.  It's a complex story, I'm certainly not trying to make light of it.  It plays out well for all involved.
I didn't know of Frederick Douglas.  Another gap in my education.  He was quite eloquent on the topic of slavery and the "lessening" of those involved on either side of the master/slave equation.  Slavery ... in whatever form it likes to manifest ... is corrosive.  The seminal idea of the Holy Bible is of redemption from bondage.
So ... all that is wrapped together in what I am reflecting on.  The story of redemption is told large and small, it's told continuously throughout God's word to us.

noun: redemption; plural noun: redemptions
  1. 1.
    the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
    "God's plans for the redemption of his world"
    synonyms:saving, freeing from sin, absolution More
    • a thing that saves someone from error or evil.
      "his marginalization from the Hollywood jungle proved to be his redemption"
  2. 2.
    the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.
    synonyms:retrievalrecovery, reclamation, repossession, return More

    • archaic
      the action of buying one's freedom.

    Tuesday, July 22, 2014

    "Baghdad Blues"

    Jay Johnson, one of the most decent guys you could hope to spend time with.  I didn't know he played so well!

    Happy Birthday D. Love you!

    my Cadillac Ranch pictures

    Cadillac Ranch is not a ranch but a public art installation and sculpture in AmarilloTexas, USA. It was created in 1974 by Chip LordHudson Marquez and Doug Michels, who were a part of the art group Ant Farm. It consists of what were (when originally installed during 1974) either older running used or junk Cadillac automobiles, representing a number of evolutions of the car line (most notably the birth and death of the defining feature of mid twentieth century Cadillacs: the tailfins) from 1949 to 1963, half-buried nose-first in the ground, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.[1]~Wikipedia

    Chip Lord and Doug Michels were architects; Marquez was an art student at Tulane University in New OrleansLouisiana. According to Chip Lord, “Ant Farm was founded as an alternative architectural practice, kind of an experiment in an attempt to subvert normal corporate ways of doing architecture.”[2]
    According to Marquez, “Chip and I were living in the mountains north of San Francisco, and there was a book meant for kids left in a bar near where we lived. It was called ‘The Look of Cars,’[3]and there was something on the rise and fall of the tail fin. I didn’t have a lot to do, so I just sorta drew it up. I’ve always loved the Cadillacs.”[2]
    The group claims to have been given a list of eccentric millionaires in 1972 in San Francisco, identifying Stanley Marsh 3 of Amarillo amongst those who might be able to fund one of their projects and submitted it to him. Marsh's response began "It's going to take me awhile to get used to the idea of the Cadillac Ranch. I'll answer you by April Fool's Day. It's such an irrelevant and silly proposition that I want to give it all my time and attention so I can make a casual judgement of it. ~Wikipedia

    Osprey flying over - super cool 

    Texas BBQ Check List

    A list for us ...
    Texas Monthly Magazine's list of Top 50 BBQ places
    (2013. Bold print = top 5; * = previously featured on older list.)
    I'll add our pics and thoughts as we have opportunity to try these out.


    • The Original Willie's Bar-B-Que



    • Tyler's Barbecue

    Visited for dinner on 28 June 2016 after a long (6.5+) drive down from Denver.  One of the reviews I read enroute said Tyler had single-handedly brought Texas BBQ to the Panhandle. Another review stated that he drives 100 or so miles South to collect the "right" wood for his process.  Expectations were set "full on high" and the I might have been just a bit cranky as I realized our intended hotel stop was another five and half hours on down the road.
    A person with the good sense to restore a '57 Chevy probably knows his way around a smoker was what I was thinking on the way through the door ... and turns out, we weren't disappointed.  The guy who took our order was super friendly and already had all my road grumpy set aside before I requested  a menu substitution.  Normally I wouldn't even ask, but they offered a one meat 6oz or a two meat 10oz standard BBQ plate and I was really hoping for two choices that would total no more than 6oz., because we were traveling I didn't want leftovers no matter how delicious everything smelled.  He was happy to accommodate.  Next up - sides.  I requested beans and potato salad even though I normally don't eat carbs with my BBQ.  Both sides tasted like my childhood taught me they best should - in a word, perfection.  The sauce, which I sampled only because reviewers were bragging on it, was the bomb - of the two I lean towards the spicier offering, but both were tasty.  The rib was great ... the lean brisket, tender, delicately smoked, very clean - bliss ... the bite of sausage, just so I could say something about it here, was really good (jalapeño and cheese - Tyler said someone else makes them for him ... and that when he can make one as good that his will go on the menu. I'd encourage him to figure out Wayne Mueller's recipe for jalapeño sausage but I didn't think of that in time to put it out there).   The meal was definitely delicious.  We enjoyed visiting with Tyler, he's a really good talker, generously hospitable, and reminded me a lot of my little brother's buddies.  He is definitely providing BBQ worth driving for.



    • Franklin Barbecue (#1)
    Visited Franklin's today, 21 January 2016.  First BBQ of the New Year!  It was definitely the most friendly BBQ joint so far.  Everyone was super friendly - maybe the canned mimosa helped with that.  Aaron Frankin was available for photo ops with the customers.  It was a really fun place.  We waited in line for about an hour.  A hostess notified us of the wait, also that the pulled pork would be gone before we got to the counter (just in case we had our tasters all set for that).  We ordered our usual fare - brisket, both lean and moist (which is a nice way to describe fatty), sausage links (enough to bring most of them home for leftovers), ribs (for me and I was so glad he asked for three) and the sides, beans, potato salad and slaw.  Franklin's didn't top Pecan Lodge (for me) or Louie Mueller's (for L).  It might have been the chill outside which had an unfortunate effect on the meal, or it might have been the crazy high expectations, I mean, at this level how much better can it get?  I did absolutely adore the atmosphere which seemed to infuse "happy" in to everyone there.  When we were wrapping up the left overs a cook came out and invited us in to the pit room.  I hesitate to say I enjoyed Pecan Lodge more because I have never dined at a place that felt more welcoming and attentive (except my own house ... well, and maybe my Granny's).  L ordered the banana bourbon pie. My tiny taste of it was sublime. The ribs were ... amazing.  The meat melted off the bone in the most satisfying manner ... meaning not sliding off on to the table.  So good.  Maybe these are my very favorite ribs.  Not sure.  I need to recheck up in Jefferson Joseph's Riverport BBQ!

    • John Mueller Meat Co.
    • La Barbecue
    • Lamberts Downtown Barbecue*

    We drove in for a late lunch here on Saturday, 6 August 2016.  Parking was tricky, we circled around several times before deciding to spring for a spot in one of the DT garages.  You could smell good BBQ cooking as soon as the car doors opened (four blocks away).  Lambert's is in the coolest looking location I've seen so far.  Hard to beat a historical site! 

    I chose a time of day when they are noted as "less crowded" - as the evening approaches and live music begins to season the air down by the river I bet the waits are epic (and alcohol enhanced - they have an extensive bar).  We enjoyed the after lunch rush lull, and still, all but two of the tables were occupied when we arrived.

    That's the twenty dollar, three meat, two sides, plate which we shared.  The rib wasn't "all that", imho, but it was close to pretty good  (it was full of cartilage and the glaze had hardened on the outside making a jerky like texture - probably the late comer's lament).  I thought the brisket was excellent, the bomb.  My husband has his taster set on deep smokey bark and was unimpressed by the "rings".  That sausage link was the star for both of us.  Matter of fact, next time we are there I'll ask for the sausage plate.  When we ordered the waitress said the three meat plate was about 9 oz of meat.  Doubt it. We were both happily full when we left though. My husband said both the beans and the greens were delicious. (I'm eating mostly protein these days ... ). The service was ~ perfect ~ . 

    There is a gated (and screened) alleyway between Lambert's and their neighbor.  This wood box is tucked in neatly outside the gate.  I'm guessing the "magic" happens behind the curtain.  We voted this "most likely BBQ spot for treating our prissy friends".  Our oldest daughter would love this place!

    • Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew



    • Miller's Smokehouse
    We ate a late lunch here on Thursday, 16 October, 2014.  I can see that it will take years to complete this list (if we ever do, can't really see getting up to Amarillo for example) ... felt that I should begin dating it.  We drove up here from Austin with my brother and hiked some on trails South of the dam. I wasn't that enthusiastic about the meal.  The wood stacks and the several out of doors cooking drums indicate that I may be the only person around who is unable to rave about this stop.



    The food was good Cajun food, but not good Texas BBQ.  The rice was delicious and the sausage was really spicy in a good was (I did have to ease it from the casings which I was unable to cut with metal utensils).  The "sauce" was actually a gravy, and once I had discarded the idea of Texas BBQ and embraced the plate before me ... I thought it was fairly tasty.  The potato salad was prepared with sweet pickle relish (which I didn't prefer) and was a necessary side to the heat of the links (or boudin).  Dined with them late December 2014.


    • Fargo's Pit BBQ
    Not a fan.  We dined in on Friday early evening, 10 October 2014.  The folks were very nice, the food was just not note worthy for me.



    • Brooks' Place



    • Lockhart Smokehouse
    • Pecan Lodge (Number 1 favorite for me)

    I've been wanting to eat here every since I first got the idea to sample BBQ from around the state. As I read the "write-ups" provided by Texas Monthly this just seemed like it would be a great experience.  I liked that it was located in the Dallas Farmer's Market.  We drove up from Austin yesterday, 17 October 2014, stopping in West for a Kolache, saving the appetite for a BBQ feast.  Parking was super easy at the Farmer's Market.  We walked through a bit of construction to get to stall 2 ... there was sign on the door ... closed for construction!  And no update on a different location.  Fortunately the folks in Stall 1 knew Pecan Lodge had a location in Deep Ellum.  We found the new location pretty quick. 

    They were playing Waylon and Willie.  They had the fun John Wayne quote up ... and a cool "brand".  All of that seemed kinda fun.

    The food was seriously perfect.  The sauce, totally unnecessary because the meat expertly prepared, was a nice big surprised.  As I've said before, I'm not a sauce eater, but I loved this sauce in a totally different way then the delicious sauce at Mueller's (Taylor).  It was sweet and tangy, liquid-y like Mueller's, but otherwise unique.  The sausage was in a class of it's own, as was the brisket.   
    They have a loaded sweet potato which looks like a couple of meals itself.  I would love to try it, but it's going to be awhile before I opt for that rather then the BBQ.
    Super delicious! 



    • Austin's BBQ and Catering*



    • McMillan's Bar-B-Q*
    This was a fun place to eat.  The owner came out and sat with us.  He's a really good talker.  I liked the subtle favor of pecan in the brisket.  I told him the sides didn't seem up to the meat, and he said people eat BBQ for the meat not the potato salad.  Ha!  Really, the potato salad was incredibly bland, less then an after thought for the very fine protein.  He didn't have any ribs available but the brisket was delicious ... worth the drive.



    • Cousin's Bar-B-Q*
    • Longoria's BBQ

    The BBQ was just ... fine.  I liked the fact that tamales were on the menu.



    • Cranky Frank's Barbecue Company
      The brisket was interesting - they smoke it with about a three inch fat  "blanket", the guy behind the counter sliced it and scrapped it off into something on the floor (presumedly).  Most of the bark went with it.  On the plus side, the meat was quite moist.  The brisket meat.  The ribs were - not good.  Gristle-y and just not taste-y.  Small in a sting-y sort of way I thought.  The sausage - was boring, bland.  It was just bad.  The onions were, for me, the high point of the meal - cold, crisp, almost sweet.

      this was our seating arrangement
      the place was crawling and buzzing with black flies

      Cranky Frank's definitely lived up to the name
      The staff there was the least friendly bunch of BBQ folks I seen so far (May 2016).
      I left feeling cranky.

      Least favorite Top 50 thus far.



    • Leon's World's Finest In & Out Bar-B-Que



    • Meshack's Bar-B-Que



    • City Meat Market
    I didn't like it.  The food may have been great.  I don't know.  The place seemed dirty.  Like dirt dirty. And the folks behind the counter were worn out grumpy ... annoyed that I didn't have any idea how to order food ... no menu, just walk up and know what you want like the regulars.  I did like that the local fire department guys seemed to congregate there.  Might have been me having a persnickety day. (No ribs ... maybe they were out of ribs or maybe they just don't serve ribs to strangers.)



    • Bartley's Bar-B-Q



    • Bob's Bar-B-Que

     KoKo liked it a lot, noting that the brisket wasn't fatty ... L felt it lacked smoke ... I'm still all about Pecan Lodge (and Mueller's), but if I lived near Henderson, it would be "my spot".  I liked Bob.  A man standing in line with us suggested a place up the way that serves good BBQ and beer ... Mr. Bob over heard and wryly commented that he also serves beer ... just out back.  The patron laughingly acknowledged that he had never been invited "out back".  (Nov. '14)


    • Gatlin's BBQ & Catering
    • Virgie's Bar-B-Que*



    • Billy's Old Fashion BBQ



    • Joseph's Riverport Barbecue

    Yum, yum, yum ... yum, yummy!  Best ribs ever!  This is definitely one of my top five places ... can't imagine better ribs.  I was actually trying to talk these guys in to looking in to the Georgetown area  for expanding ... where we haven't seen at TMTop50 BBQ spot (I know crazy right?!) Really an excellent experience ... 20 minutes off of I20  (one way) and time well spent.  I like everything except the plastic forks. 31 December 2014



    • Buzzie's Bar-B-Q*



    • Snow's BBQ*

      Uh-oh!  New Best ribs ever ... like, these are the ribs they're serving in Heaven.

      We made the drive over in September 2015.  I didn't expect much, I mean ... it's in the middle of nowhere.  I didn't want to get my hopes up.  The BBQ was intensely delicious.  And ... the beans were just like Momma's beans.  (I gotta start cooking up a pot of beans around here.  I love pintos when they are cooked right!)  The beans were worth the drive in and of themselves (and they are offered at no charge).  The ribs were perfection.  The entire meal was perfection I thought.  My husband still likes Mueller's (Taylor) brisket better (it's smokier).  Snow's is tied with Pecan Lodge (Dallas) as my favorite right now.  Our day at Snow's here  Haftah add ... the people here were noticeably gracious ... super nice folks!




    • Hitch-N-Post BBQ



    • Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que*

    15 July 2016 - lunch
    This has to be one of the top 5 BBQ joints in Texas.  Everything was exactly as one would hope for.
    I'm still favoring the Pecan Lodge in Dallas, but I think it's because I like the atmosphere better ... the food here was ... the bomb!



    • Black's Barbecue (Tied for 2 with Mueller's for me)
    Loved our time here!  So delicious and lots fun.  Maybe my favorite so far (I have to check back with Mueller's in Taylor before I can be sure).  They have spanish rice which was a surprise and everyone enjoyed.  The rib was so huge ... like brontosaurus size!  One of my brother's friends said he always thinks of the Flintstone's with their little stone age car tilted over on two wheels as they brought dinner home.  Pretty funny.  I was able to eat only about a fourth of that. Dinner there in mid Oct.2014.

    • Kreuz Market*



    • City Market*

    • Whup's Boomerang Bar-B-Que*

    Open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the sign out in the middle of the middle of nowhere read.  I thought we could smell the BBQ from Hwy 6, and it smelled worth the hunt.  

    98 degrees in the shade with a big fan blowing full blast - we waited in line to order and snagged one of the three tables in the shade.  

    The BBQ was scrumptious.  Perfection really.  I even liked the sauce - a lot. Both of these meals together came to 24. some odd making them about 1/2 the price of the plate we shared last week at  Lambert's.  The sides didn't skimp on added sugar - not to my preference, but I think a lot of folks would love them just like that. The portions were generous, left overs were great the next day - I can see why folks would drive out from Waco and wait in the heat for this!

    Source of the magic!



    • Hutchins BBQ



    • Kirby's Barbecue



    • Hashknife on the Chisholm*



    • Cowpoke's*



    • Pody's BBQ



    • Hatfield's BBQ & Blackjacks Beer Garden



    • The Granary 'Cue and Brew
    • Two Bros. BBQ Market



    • Hays Co. Bar-B-Que and Catering



    • Zimmerhanzel's BBQ



    • Opie's Barbecue*



    • Corkscrew BBQ



    • Big Boy's Bar-B-Que



    • Louie Mueller Barbecue*  (Tied for 2 with Black's for me)
    I'm a fan. It's a great BBQ spot.  I love their sauce.  Yeah, there's been a line every time, but worth the wait.  And, the ladies at the register said if I want to call ahead they'll have a to-go ready for me at the counter.  Huge fan (I'm measuring everyone else against this place, it's that kind of perfection).

    • (Maybe you're thinking "Why's the place so empty?"  My mom lived in this town so it was easy for me to select times of day when it was less crowded ... this is the sort of food that one wants to enjoy in quiet!  This became a "time" I looked forward to during those last few weeks when I was tending to Momma in her home.)  

      I can see why it's considered by most to be the BEST BBQ in Texas.  It's the place I keep on going back to!
      Smokin' Hot guy on right, 3rd generation owner/pit master
      Wayne Mueller

      another perfect meal (for two plus take-home links)
      April 2016 
      Their "sauce" is really delicious, more like a jus it's not what I think of as a sauce, it's broth-y (black vessels) - on this visit we were treated to a sweet jalepeño sauce which had the consistency of "a sauce" and was ... perfection.  I understand that it is being sold in the local HEB stores and is getting ready to be a basic staple in our frig. 

      The consistent yumminess of this BBQ didn't just happen ... Mueller('s) provides a  a BBQ experience that has obviously been perfected over several generations.   



    • Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue*
    At Mueller's (Taylor) I noted that I loved their sauce. I do (on several different happy occasions have).  The thing about a sauce is, for me, you really shouldn't need it.  In fact ... rarely do I even try a "sauce" with BBQ.  I'm a woman, I save those calories for cream in my morning coffee.  The sauce at Louie Mueller looked more like a soup, like a pinto bean juice.  It was served in a small side  container with the meal. It "tricked" me in to tasting it, and I was instantly hooked.  Mr. Stanley's BBQ sauce was served in squirt bottles on each table.  Unfortunately, for me, the sauce was mandatory.  I experienced the meats (with the exception of the pulled pork) to be ... mushy, not flavorful, overly fatty (especially the brisket) and dry.  Dry and mushy on the same slice of meat seems not possible, but it was so on the brisket.  The sausage was only dry, like jerky flakes in the bottom of the bag are dry.  I don't make sausage, but it seemed to be short on something (fat) (and seasoning) (and texture).  The ribs were just okay.  The pulled pork, which I never order (L arranged the food while I found a table), was yummy (with a lot of sauce added).  I loved the beans.  Delicious.  Perfection.  The potato salad was good I think ... I had one small bite and I think I remember it having tiny flecks of bacon and a slight jalepeño twang.  Everything could have been improved by changing the paper that the meal was served on to white, that reddish brown paper was just unnecessarily ugly.  Pickles and onions (jalepeños) weren't readily available either.  I liked the dining areas a lot.  Everything was super clean and cute.



    • Mumphord's Place BBQ

    Other Places we tried:
    Kilgore, COUNTRY TAVERN (late November 2014)  I loved the food here ... can't even believe it is not on the list (it's got to be on one of their lists but now I can't find it)  I really enjoyed the fact that these guys know to have a pool table.  Our waitress was super nice.  The food was delicious.  My husband liked the coleslaw better then any other place we have tried.  I enjoyed the loaded baked potato salad ... look at that hot clothe at the end of the meal.  I loved that.

    Austin, BLUE RIBBON BBQ (downtown):
    Best thing about lunch here was seeing the police horses trot by.  The guy behind the counter said their  food is actually prepared out in Taylor and brought in for the lunch crowd.  We were there late afternoon ... and I wanted to go to Franklin's that day, but the wait was too long. (2014)

    SaltLick, SaltLick BBQ:

    Best slaw.  Delicious.  I liked this place enough to go back mostly because of the ambience.  The food was good, but the place was just cool.  You can haul an ice chest of cold beer in if you like.  Seems like a lot of these places are byob.  These guys had a little wine tasting deal set up next door.  We ended up with a couple bottles of Sangria because I thought it would go well with the meal (and that might possibly be why the place seemed to be so much fun).

    • College Station, J Cody's:
    Pretty good BBQ.  We dined in March 2016.  I was distracted because we were meeting family there, rather than just going to sample BBQ.  My Aunt gave me a stack of family pictures and I really can't say I tasted the food.  The actual place was great ... perfect for TAMU BBQ.  It was nice that all their sides were buffet style so we could choose what we most preferred.  It's a place I'll want to go back to for sure.

    • Rafter J, Iowa Park  June 2016