The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Monday, August 4, 2014

Texas trip July/August 2014


My girl has shin splints from all the jumping up and down
First stop in Texas ... the camp where IV has been working this summer.  Great to see her, her situation, and help her get things organized for classes and her apartment.  I needed a hug too.  We also clicked off the BBQ joint in Tyler (enjoyed).
Next down to Waxahachie (ruled out as a location for the move home) we picked up a purchase which was boxed up for us from our last visit there.
A putter for the mother
We spent a couple of days in the DFW area, just north of the airport.  L's mother is quite elderly but still enjoys seeing her son.  I loved that she was able to rock sinking golf balls.  

You never know what's behind the door in Waco

Spent another night in Waco with our kids there.  They have finished their time there and are making plans to move so Waco stops may be curtailed in the future.

crops ... cactus and cattle ... Texas

All that corn growing in Texas in the Spring has given way to Maize crops ... I saw plenty of cotton as well.
ImPeach stand in the Hills
Obama, not so much in Texas

we liked a house in this neighborhood ... Sammy might like it too

After Waco we drove on to the Hill Country ... I especially like New Braunfels and Gruene. Next we drove on to San Antonio ... it was hot there.  We spent a little bit of time on the River Walk (lunch) and walked down to the market where I was so happy to find the vanilla I prefer to cook with.

San Antonio was my first favorite town back in the 70's
From there we drove down to Port A to spend some time with Tommy and his wife.
South Texas

We parked there, beside Tommy and B

fire on the water (okay, the edge)

this is a state highway ... Public beaches $12 to park for the year
pays for daily grading

hot and tired

Next day ... ferry over to Rock Port then we followed the coast line as closely as able up to Galveston.
$2 toll and Galveston as I'd not seen it.
pleasure pier at night

boat the size of a building


fly fishing

Then we headed home.
over the Mississippi at Baton Rouge
thinking about One's very complicated joke

last coffee stop in Slidell
coffee; )

My brother looked well.  I really needed to see him and it was a enormous relief to find him continuing towards better health.
We also felt that the New Braunfels area seemed like a good fit for us as we consider moving back to Texas.  Galveston is on our list for further consideration for a possible investment property. (And ... wow, those cruise ships are huge!  I have never seen anything so big!)  I did like the lot I've been following at Port A tho ... it's as good as it looked on line.

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