The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I’m still compelled to respond with love

On an issue like this, 
I try to start with what I’m absolutely sure of,
 and work outwards.  
I’m sure 
of what my own attitude should be 
toward gays and lesbians: 
I should show love and grace.  

As one person told me, 
“Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do.”  
When people ask me how I can possibly stay friends with a sinner like Mel, I respond by asking how Mel can possibly stay friends with a sinner like me.  After all, Jesus had much to say about greed, hypocrisy, pride and lust—sins I struggle with—but did not mention homosexuality.  Even if I conclude that all homosexual behavior is wrong, as many conservative Christians do, I’m still compelled to respond with love.
from an interview with Philip Yancey

I played with the format a bit to suit myself as far as how I want to think about these comments, the words are Yancey's, and I think good thoughts on a topic which  people get to think about.  I think it's "righter" for me to just be nice.  I like to talk about what "we" have in common rather then where I disagree with someone's personal choices (Yeah I think sexual expression is a choice. But I don't think anyone is accountable to me for their choices.)
I say it like that because thinking about other people's sexuality/sexual practices seems like none of my business ... while at the same time, I don't like to see sexuality in any variation openly "out there" in general, and certainly not driving agendas. I don't know what I think about some of this stuff, because I don't think about it.  But ... teaching specific sexual technique as part of the core curriculum seems misguided and disrespectful to me.
I'm thinking about it.   

The photo ...

It has been really difficult to get (I'd like to say all, but any is closer to the truth) a n y of the work I like to keep done here in our home ... done.  Last week end I stripped the slipcover off of the sofa in the living room for the first time since when?  I seriously cannot remember and that's troubling.  Intended to get the kitchen floor mopped but that along with re-ordering the pantry waited for yesterday.  There is laundry, little individual stacks of it, folded in the den awaiting delivery to the various drawers ... clean undershirts, expertly folded, center cushion in front of the socks ... . So much to do!  I don't like our stuff to be messy dirty disorganized.  I don't like spots of yuk.  Dribbles of yuk. Smears of yuk.  Even microscopic particles of dust, pretty as they are, lose their charm when they are in my house. 

Wouldn't it be so nice if we could just slip out of our "naughtiness", toss it in some hot water with a TIDE pod and a scoop of OXYclean. 

It's funny really ... I know I'm doing the best I can with my stuff.  I'm not tracking in every crunchy leaf that finds its way underfoot in the foyer.  It would be excruciatingly annoying if every guest came in to critique ... the tidiness, the decor. I have had visitors like that.  They are not my favorites.

Everything seems to lend itself to metaphor.  
And then there are the kitchen cabinet fronts, in plain view, desperate for a wipe down, I dread to imagine what's going on behind the one that stores the storage containers.

Gotta go.  Got work to do.

I don't "feel" as graceful towards ummmm ... murderers/terrorists/ISIS, sex traffickers/predators/profiteers of those industries which enslave and diminish our lives and corrode our souls.
And some other types ...
but, really, I need to go get a bucket of hot soapy going on some of my own stuff.
and, most politicians, those scoundrels.
I'm still compelled to respond with love.  Ugh.

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