The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hmmm - what to do?

Someone sent this today and it seemed like a thing to share.

I don't think about regrets very often.  Like this guy says, life doesn't come with do-overs.  Maybe there are a few along the way, but you can't count on them coming when you think you need them.

[This is the only regret that I can think of, I mean, regrettable choices have been made, but those aren't choices where I might have made a better choice with the information I had available at the time - running is different.  I regret that I didn't either keep up with or re-start a running routine.  It's advisable for me to begin running like I used to do (long distance running) now.  I'm a huge fan of well defined calf muscles though because  they are a sure sign of the ability to commit long term to something (and I think it's a healthy coping strategy).]

Having spent Saturday on a day trip with One,I would like to share this bit of our conversation:

I think it's an important thing in life to have "something you are intentionally doing".  (And I don't have that something figured out right now, but I'm working on it!)

I recently did the HUMAN NEEDS TEST and I think it's a pretty neat way to access what makes the most sense to "a person" as far as how one does life.  (I'll re-visit that later.)

If what you are intentionally doing supports your top two human needs it seems like you're going to "feel" good about how you spend your days.  Which is what I am trying to think about for myself lately.

When we moved away from the life I was comfortable with (back in 1989) "things" changed.  It was one of those life passages.  We are, well, I am (husband has transitioned nicely to what comes next for him) kinda stuck in my star gate.  I sense, or anticipate, that I'm getting close to what comes next ... the whats, because life is fuller than just one "what" ... for me.

I've noticed this lately (in light of the fact that we haven't found a house to buy yet) ... I wanted to bring my comfort zone with me ... that's doing what I do around the house (puttering and gardening) and flight instructing.  I thought I'd just keep on doing that over here.  I have decided not to continue flight instructing (at least for now).  Living in a rented house doesn't fit with my puttering and gardening.

When we made the huge transition before, it opened new possibilities up for me (and my family).  Good things happened that I was unable to envision at the beginning of that time.  I think that's got to be true now, during this major transition.  I want to "hold on to my old comfy stuff" but that keeps my hands too busy to embrace what's next.

Anyway - walk time now.

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