The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Max - 7 months old
Yeah, he's a big one.
I think he'll be bigger than Sammy was (peak weight 160).
Shows every sign of being a good dog.

Early Saturday I drove down to San Antonio and spent a while with an old friend.  She was preparing for a wedding that evening and was able to get me in with her nail people for a manicure while she had hers - chat time.  I can't remember when I last wore red nail lacquer.  I don't like red.  I like a natural palette.  Red couldn't be more shocking to me on my fingers than it would be on my hair ... Woody the Wood Pecker red.  That's not the name of the color on the bottle.  The name of the color on the bottle was Your Husband is Going to Love This! Yeah, with the exclamation mark.  Something like that.  It feels very 80's to me.

It was fun to share some time with her.  She'll be hosting a long "Girl's Weekend" for a bunch of us in August.  I suggested we go tubing on the Frio, or some such, on one of those days.  (Shouldn't that be "Girl's Long Weekend"?  No surprise that they can figure out where we are from and where we have been by the words we chose and how we use them.)  Next up, meeting an Alabama friend and her two little ones for a sleepover on the Riverwalk.  They selected to wind down their week here in Texas by staying an extra day so that we might have a few moments together.  The girls did not like the riverboat tour.  They thought 99 degrees in the shade with a heat index, which took it up to 110 (the lady bringing lots and lots of ice(d ... lol) water told us that once we found some AC and yet another order of chicken bits and fries) was a bit much.  Rather than sticking to their seats they were sliding around. As soon as we were off the boat we starting standing in line at Margaritaville with a pager that promised to ring in 25 minutes or less.  I felt that a Margarita was in order, but we left before being seated to order dinner - we left as soon as the man on stilts handed the girls their balloon poodles.  Next up - Stone Cold Ice-cream place (all I had eaten for the day was found around the edges of the Charcuterie) ... next Ghirardelli.  I did tear in to the sample offered there but resisted further temptations.  Dessert is just not fun when you're actually hungry.  I ended up splitting weird nachos for dinner.  They were topped with fake cheese spread (like you expect at sporting events), some other stuff (I did recognize and enjoy the avocado bites) and shaved slices of radish.  I've never seen radishes on nachos.  It wasn't yummy.  The water was perfection though.

I don't have grandchildren.  I don't even have grandchildren on my mind yet.  These two little darlings helped me see what I might hope for some day.  If my kids do decide to have kids I think I'll like it a lot.

what we thought we ordered ... what we actually got

San Antonio is such a hospitable place so it surprised me how easily I drove away once my girls were safely at the airport.  I was stuck (briefly) behind someone driving 65 in a 70 while everyone else was doing 80 or better.

It was nice to get home.

Father's Day found a couple of my own at home celebrating their excellent Dad.

We bought a house.  Yes,  f  i  n  a  l  l  y  !   It's not the river house that we have been renting for the past two years.  Surprisingly, it is a house in a neighborhood of homes on small lots - quarter acre lots.  It doesn't have a stitch of landscaping so to speak.  I love that about it.  It has a nice pool and a super blank canvas yard.  It also has a master bathroom with just a shower (no bath tub).  First inside project - upgrade bathroom!  I get to pick out a tub and I am so excited.  Like Pointer Sister's Excited!
Outside project - landscaping!  It's the little things.  Closing mid July - pictures to follow.  

What else?  

Denver next week ... .  Visiting Three.  I like Colorado.


GretchenJoanna said...

Congratulations! That has been a long time turning from ideas into reality, and I'm so happy you can get on with making the new house into YOUR home! Can't wait to see the pictures.

DeAnn said...

Thank you GJ! We were exhausted by the rental experience - the home owner/slumlord (😉) was able to sell the property for 70k over the appraised value! L and I simply couldn't bring ourselves to make a decision like that especially knowing first hand the many problems with the house. We will miss the proximity to the trails and the wild life, but there will be a lot to enjoy about the next place. I'm very excited about the projects we know we'll take on there! Our plan is to prepare the house for a resale/flip so that if my husband feels too constricted by the small neighborhood lot we might make a different choice in a few years. I couldn't be happier about how things have worked out. Thank you for joining me in my joy!