The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pics - Game day - to home next day

Brunch at hotel before boarding bus to Pasadena

CHIPS escort (idk)

lotsa buses in our convoy

(cameras on trees … interesting)

tail-grating in mayhem village … nice people everywhere!

in our seats … jostled … maybe an hour and a half before game begins (idk … that's how they do it)
I spent the time texting with the kids until my phone lost charge … no pics during the very exciting game … it was truly a Championship quality match up!   Too bad my team came up short!

image from USA Today … link to their story

goodbye mountains
(I loved seeing part of California!)

both of us really tired … I didn't want to cat nap because it was so neat to see everything

page from what I'm reading ...


ice inside Mississippi line E.

I85 home … 


John Venlet said...

Welcome home, DeAnn. Looked for you and L in the stands on game day, but you weren't waving a big ol' "Go Auburn" sign, so no joy. Either that, or I was looking in the wrong areas of the stands. Also no joy in Auburn losing.

Appears you had a good, and interesting, time anyway. Excellent!

DeAnn said...

We did have a nice time ... I enjoyed the flight across the country and later walking around and driving around seeing the sights.
Surprised by mountains everywhere ... haven't looked at the actually geography of the land in I don't know when, but must have been before I was interested in such things! The vegetation was different. I saw several trees which I was unable to identify. Also, lotsa little dogs on leashes ... definitely an aspect of the social connectedness. The shops in that outdoor "mall" were almost exactly the same as I see everywhere with exceptions of that very expensive boot store and the Tommy Bahama Home store ... No high end cooking store, but several pet supply stores took it's place. I'd love to go back when there is more time to meander!
Yes, too bad AU didn't bring home the trophy. It was a close match! Check out the link to USA Today under the Coaches picture. It's neat to see his perspective.