The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Friday, January 10, 2014


… and after being "out of pocket" for several days there are several things asking to be done!  Yesterday I worked on the big easy chairs.  One is all but finished … I say that, what's left is the outside which will go back together very fast, and then, the skirt, which will be easy to do, but time consuming because of the precise machine work required.  I am nervous about my bolt of fabric … is there enough there to complete both chairs and their loose pillow back … did I get enough fabric initially?  Have decided to "do" the other chair up to the same place this one is currently at (so that the fabric fronts on both will be from the same dye lot) and then assess where I'm at on fabric.  The back can easily be same fabric/different bolt … it would not be noticeable at all.  I'm "stripping" the other chair today (and probably for the next several days).
 I think it's interesting to see how things look on the inside.  This chair is beautifully constructed. I'll add some pics of the frame before I close it up.  I do enjoy re-doing my furniture, maybe even more so then I would buying it brand new.  Looking forward to it warming up in the garage so I can finish the chest of drawers I have started!
 Detail of front … and now I am wondering if those 45* creases are exactly as the should be, or bound up a bit around the upright support.  Smoothing out the top while intentionally "bunching" up the lower back portions was tricky!
The deep chair was designed to be used with a loose supporting pillow.  This isn't the right pillow … I'm waiting to gauge my fabric quantity before I make the pillow covers.  Still thinking it may be grey on front (with a monogram in turquoise thread and piping to match the chair) and a different fabric (maybe like the one pictured) on back, or both front and back the same fabric (leaning towards mixing it up a bit!).  The chairs are so comfortable, perfectly scaled for tall people.

Also, delighted to have a stack of interesting books on the way!  We ordered my top 6 picks last night and I have two that I'm working through right now with one waiting on the table.  It's been a while since I made time to read as much as I like to … only so many minutes in a day!  

My husband is interested in The Daniel Plan.  I am doing pre-reading on that now.  It is not very different then how we already eat.  I think it is such a luxury to be able to cook for my family rather then needing the convenience of eating out a lot.  

It encourages a ten day detox then a 40 day core meal plan … with exercise of course.  One premise seems to be that rather then employing guilt or other self defeating motivators, that this "plan" might be seen as an offering of ones frailties to God.  It seems to focus on love.  Love for God, oneself, and one's  community (supporting each other).  Also on thinking of food as medicine.  Still pre-reading (reading to find out what it says to do before reading it to incorporate changes) the book … .  I may make notes here as we go along … asked L when he wants to start this thing and he said he is too busy to think about that right now … lol.  He is busy. (And … just to note:  this was not my idea though I think it's a good one, and I'm willing to do the meal planning and prep around this and whatever else it entails. A few steps in the right direction will be better then none I think.)

We still have all three of those silly black cats!  I guess I sorta like them.  They are funny together and all have sweet personalities.  They sure do like to run in and out (and about).  Sammy is okay with them … we tried to send a couple of them off with the kids at Christmas, but each one meowed so desperately that the cars were turned around and the cats were unceremoniously dropped off in the drive way.  Little whiners.

What else … airplane stuff up in the air so to speak.  Still waiting to see if the shareholders in the plane are able to secure (purchase) it.  They seem to have been conned out of huge chucks of money.  Very sad.  I do hope, for their sake, that everything works out for them to keep the plane.  I love instructing them in it.  It is so cool to help motivated people reach their goal, and of course, it is a joy to fly.  I've got lots to do either way … one big goal this year is to create a habit of daily intentional exercise.  Last year I had great success in getting and maintaining an appropriate weight … this year, yoga, cardio and weights for strength training (I think my gym has a rowing machine, and I think I would love rowing).  In general, I suck at group exercise.  I think it is time for me to accept that … lol!  VERY excited about my FitBit Force bracelet coming as a birthday gift … I love that I'll be 55 in a few days.  I like getting older … should say, I like the experiences that come with time on the task of living life.

And … I think it's time for me to get to work around here!  Loved visiting California!  I should get out more!

Oh … three quick additions … an interesting (to make) lamp and an interesting painting seen in the Tommy Bahama Store:
lamp base with actual (?) shells
I might create one with white clay and glaze

easy good feeling color splash
I see this idea repeated often
manipulated color block
I like

Tommy Bahama - elegant beachy interiors
at Fashion Island


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… I may never confess!