The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mid move update

I have been "putting this off" for quite a while now ... removal of the excessive bone growth  (an exostosis or torus - plural: exostes or tori) under my tongue and on the cheek side of both the upper and lower jaw. I was afraid of the surgery ... afraid of the pain.  Now it's done and it wasn't too bad.  My face is swollen and hurts when I get behind on the pain meds.  It's funny to see the shape of my face so different then usual.  My lower lip has almost disappeared.  The swelling is part of the healing process.  It's good to have this little thing behind me.

We are back in Alabama finishing up (I say that, but there is at least one more trip over here planned before the real "finished up") the move.  This morning I started packing the pantry ... which really does signal departure!  Most of the little tasks around the house are done. On Sunday we, L and I will pack the moving van ... it's mostly all little stuff, boxes and a few chest of drawers ... okay, and a large sofa and chair which are already in the garage ... and a bunch of side tables ... but mostly boxes. Today L dismantled the trampoline and moved all the outdoor furniture to the driveway.  This is a weird time for me to be mostly recuperating!  I can do little jobs ... the pain medicine makes me less concerned which is really weird!  

This is one of the Tyler roses which I planted in the yard last summer.  One of the bushes didn't make it. the other two are thriving.  I am thrilled for whomever ends up with this beautiful yard.  While I "relax" I'm re-discovering what works best in Texas gardens, and what deer don't prefer to munch on!  I am really looking forward to getting settled in over there.  It's fun to figure out how to overcome some of the drawbacks ... like that tiny refrigerator in the rental house.  I will miss my nice appliances!  But ... I'm going to love that great view of the river.  

Today one of my friends from high school invited me to join a few others of our friends at her home for an annual get together that they do.  It makes me feel very happy to know that I have old friends near by who are so gracious in welcoming me back.  It was difficult for me when we moved here ... it's a small town and the ladies were very cliquish.  In general, Texas women are very different then Southern women.  That came as a huge surprise to me.  Here, I didn't fit as well with the women of my own age group ... my friends were mostly older women.  The volunteer work was done mostly with women my own age, but other then the project at hand I seemed to not have much in common with them.  Even at church I felt like "the one of these" which doesn't quite belong.  On a superficial level this has been a very pleasant place to put down roots ... I'm just saying Texas feels more like home.

It's been fun or me to think about ways to make the rental house seem like home.  It's fun to move the furniture and household things around ... to "re-see" our things.  I am very excited about hanging lights in the trees that shade the back deck.  I'm thinking something like this ->
And guess what?!  Lighting bugs are everywhere out there!  And they even fly high up in to the trees which I hadn't seen before!  It is so cool to see so many of them at once.  

And ... I'm also excited about a trip to Denver that we are planning for July.  I think we will travel through Santa Fe and Albuquerque en route ... and maybe we'll even visit the Hopi cliff village in SW Colorado.  I love road trips!  We should be able to click off some of the far flung Texas Top 50 BBQ stops with careful planning ... I'm thinking re-enter the State up in the Panhandle. 

Little treasures like this pictured above make packing sweet ... these are of Daddy and his twin, my very special Uncle Terry, along with old letters from each of them.  I loved re-reading and I loved seeing how similar their hand writing is to each other (and my own).  And ... I didn't realize this before, but mu uncle enjoyed quotes too. 

Well ... enough of this "noting" for now.  Just an update to say - all is well (and the new Mother's Day slippers are like a cherry on top)!


gretchenjoanna said...

It must be a relief to get that surgery done - but what a time for it, with all that you have going on! My daughter and family just moved from MD back to California and they are in upheaval, too...I might go join in their chaos for a couple of days.

I've never been to either Texas or Alabama - but your descriptions of settling into your old stomping ground again sound very comforting and healing.

DeAnn said...

Hi GJ ~ the surgery consisted of an incision at the gum line all the way around on both the upper and lower jaw so that the doctor could lift the gums and "wiggle" the extra bone off as he put it. Under my tongue, inside the jaw, bone had been growing and was almost meeting from either side to form a new (higher) false floor. That was the worrisome part of the extosis (spelling?). although was was sedated and supposedly asleep, I could hear him working with a hammer and chisel! I was aware of raising my hands several times to sort out what was going on only to have the assistants gently, yet decidedly, settle them back down to the arm rests. Swelling, then bruising followed in the next few days, but all in all it wasn't too bad. I am grateful for modern medicine! My mouth is healing nicely now!

Upheaval is the word for this! Boxes are everywhere! I like things to be pretty orderly so it's interesting to see what a bit of disruption feels like!

Alabama seems to have a reputation for being not a pretty place, but for the outdoorsy person, it is absolutely glorious. Flora and fauna abound in unspoiled beauty. From the air it is a mass of unrelenting green because of the pine forests. As for Texas, I know I am biased but it covers such a large area that everyone's geographically preferences can be accommodated! As much as I love the Gulf coastal area though, I will admit that the white sands of Al. and Florida are prettier - but - Texas beaches are entirely publicly held and there is an interstate (of sand) along the island where people can park right at the water's edge. I'll send you a link to some of my favorite sites for an armchair peek!

Yes, it it so very good to be home.