The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Monday, June 15, 2015

We found a home to rent in a neighborhood along the river.  Heavily wooded with old lacey oaks plus the bonus of moving water ... Sammy's bark echoes off the hard wall of the bluff amusing him and confounding the deer ... what's not to love?  Pretty soon, when we get better settled and have time to play, we'll get some kayaks and explore from the river.  I am looking forward to that.
One has been a huge help with both  the extra work and general morale. It's fortunate that he has been able to help.
This 26' U-haul (expertly packed) held maybe half of our stuff. Two spent the day with us in Alabama throwing things out.  Her ability to be decisive about what is no longer needed was ruthless and quite impressive. It seems that while I really like less stuff around in general, it's hard for me to just throw something out that seems like it might be still useful for someone else.  There wasn't enough time to get organized for a  Goodwill pickup.  Maybe the "stuff" was moved in to the garage for a later pickup ... I do not know ... I can't even keep up with the charger to my fitbit right now.  Tomorrow (Sunday) we will drive back over there and finish a few odd jobs for the house and finish clearing everything out.  Sammy and the cat's will stay here with One looking out for them.  

It's become apparent that I have a thing for dishes.  I knew I love to cook, but it amazes me how many different pieces of stuff support that passion (and I kept several of Momma's neat kitchen gadgets).  The rental house does not have a large kitchen.  In fact, it's galley style and serves double duty as a hallway.  It also has a glass electric cooktop which I'm inexperienced with.  Maybe I will really like it.  Maybe I just don't know what I've been missing.  It is easier to clean up.  The view out of the back of the house is staggeringly beautiful.  Maybe I'll stop cooking and spend that time luxuriating out on the back porch. I probably will re-hang all those blue and white plates ... .
pulling out

leaving Alabama

back seat ... pulling towel off of cat crate to find out their noisy business
The cats were "tranquilized" ... for one it seem to be an out of body experience.  He hunkered down in the forest reaches of the crate and meowed not a whisper.  The other opted for a more assertive approach, filling the litter box with incredible stink and "rarring" to high heavens, loud, very loud and obnoxious.  The vet said wait 30 minutes and give (cram) another half tablet down.  He continued to announce for quite a ways even with the added incentive to "chill".
Sammy eventually negotiated a comfortable spot and slept sporadically 

My Debbie called a few times ... here is her answer for what's for dinner.  At some point on these back and forth trips all you really want to be there.  I think life gets like that.  Moving is exhausting work.  I honestly am so tired that I could cry ... and I have bruises and broken fingernails ... and just general uck.
welcome to TEXAS
a bit of a blur like everything else

still hours of driving ahead
(glad I'm not truly wicked)
Between cat naps (ahem) he kept an eye on the road
taken from the back deck looking up through the trees

I sleep odd hours, I am wakeful - this was an up at night checking on things.  I heard all kinds of animals ... bull frogs, cicadas, ducks, deer (I didn't know they make sounds, but they do).  I thought it was around 4:30 surprised to see the moon at it's apogee. I liked the outside.  It's going to be a good spot.  Well, it already is - I'll like having some furniture out there, and maybe some fun lights.
Sunrise and East identified
weird how one gets a set axis to sleep align ... 

I had coffee in the go bag, but sadly ... no press!
Coffee for me, breakfast tacos for the kids and Larry.

This is the crossing near our house
Corp is doing a controlled release. Lotsa recreational activity along here.

River at our yard ... there is a Heron or crane nesting right along here
I've seen her only from the patio - she is magnificent!  Larry saw her land at her nest.
I'm really looking forward to that.  I want to put some chairs down on the water's edge.
River from the patio
Deer are frequently on that lower level.


vanderleun said...


It's good that you are moved and getting settled.


DeAnn said...

Thank you for the encouraging words Gerard ... timely, as we are back in Auburn today preparing the final load and giving the house one last cleaning. Moving is hard work! This morning I walked around the yard I have been tending here. It's beautiful. I will miss how easily everything grows here in the Deep South.

Onward. I think I will hold on to that thought!


gretchenjoanna said...

God bless you! The shots of the river, trees and sky make me think of the peace and serenity that will come when moving is done. You sitting in that chair looking out at the morning, or evening...

DeAnn said...

Sweet! It is a beautifully tranquil spot. I've noticed that I enjoy sitting still ... I've come that. This is a good place for "still". I think that spot will be a good anchor for the days ahead! We are blessed!