The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just back from a trip to Dallas with V.

Just back from a trip to Dallas with V.
She selected our destination, DALLAS, and surprised me by wanting to spend our time there shopping.  I thought we'd visit museums and eat out.  We ate out and shopped.  Stores don't open until 10 which provided a nice cushion of quiet time for me.

After an entire lifetime of perfume indifference I was recently seduced by a tiny sample which was casually tossed in my bag after I purchased a new cosmetic. 

It smells precisely like how I think God must want Heaven to smell.

It is too expensive.
I would never buy it, 
I would wait for it knowing it would make the afterlife complete.
My husband insisted that I shop for it up there saying it would support the memory of the fun trip V and I had shared.

I will do you a huge favor and not mention the name of this fragrance.
If you smell it, you will need it.
It is liquid crack.
Strangers stop me to ask what it is when I have a whiff spritzed on ... everyone is a lot nicer to me when I wear it.  I think they want the scent to linger - I know I do!

Even though the sample vial (tiny, ittybitty) was empty I was unable to throw it away. I must have had the unrealistic hope that given time one more half pump might possibly render a faint mist.

We splurged.  
It's encased in it's fancy slide out box on my dresser.  
Later today I'm going to clean my entire room.  It's just a little bit too messy for the perfume.

I am thankful for this. 

The packaging on this soap is pretty smart, witty ... someone has differentiated their product.

V said the people in Dallas seem to be noticeably more tense than the people around Austin.  Anxiety was in the air.  I've never been a huge fan of Dallas and was glad to see the skyline in my rearview mirror.  We did enjoy the shopping (as shopping goes).  The hotel gave us a card which provided discounts at the stores nearby.  That was nice.  It also alerted the person at the register that we were "out of town-ers" ... My V asked me to stop saying were "back to school shopping", when they asked us for the reason of our visit, she said it made her sound like a baby.  You'd think I'd have fine tuned my mom skills by now!  She didn't want to drive through the SMU campus - she said there was no way she'd consider SMU.  

I loved the feel of the hot wind on my skin.  Dallas is really hot and really windy.  My hair was all over the place!

If we get to do a trip like this again, I'll hope it's in Fort Worth.  I love Ft.Worth.  And, I'll see about adding a day that is dedicated to the museums ... with lunch at the Swiss Pastry Shop!


GretchenJoanna said...

I think it the loveliest thing that you could have this outing with your daughter. It's good that you had some morning down-time to start the day with.

Your husband is smart about the perfume. He probably likes it, too! ;-)

DeAnn said...

It is a treasure. You know as well as I that time with a loved one is a gift! They grow up so fast!

DeAnn said...

She woke up, snapped the picture, rolled over on her bed and promptly went back to sleep! I can't sleep like a teenager ... I start thinking about delicious hot coffee before the sun makes it's first ray of the day!