The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, September 22, 2016

original image

"warm light" app overlays
background blur +"dream"

"prisma" app overlay
"aviator" dialed back
Playing around with my new photo apps ... it's amazing magic those  little gizmos conjure up!

This picture was taken in response to "what are you doing for dinner?"  I took a little ice chest full of food I like, a spoon for breakfast yogurt (even though the hotel promised a nice buffet style breakfast) and some half and half (because those tiny creamers are annoying when you just have to have your morning coffee).  I forgot a plate for the microwave.  I forgot a jar to shake my protein powder up in. The guy at the front desk solved "oops" number one, nearby Walmart the other.  Turning on the TV with a strange remote and finding something to watch was the only challenge of the weekend.  Gosh I love unlimited hot water!  The river house has a tiny bath tub, and I have a newly developed appreciation for "good" bathtubs!

The classroom style FIRC was incredibly user friendly.  It's the way to go. A few days away from my routine was a pleasant refresher too.

Now I'm "looking" at the other flight programs around here to see if there is a good fit for what I want to do aviation wise.  I do want to fly.  I don't want to fly at the exclusion of everything else.  I'm at that time in life where I don't have to work, I want to work.  And flying is the best work possible from my perspective.  One of the programs has a couple of Cessna Sky Catchers in the hanger.  After I finish my housework catch up today I'm going to read up on them  (I think it has the Continental O300 engine ... ).  I really think I'd like working with people in that.  I like the light planes.  I should say - I like landing the light planes. Not crazy about getting thrown around in them and that may be more of a problem over here where it's hot.

One of my High School friends has retired from a career in telecommunications - she saw the writing on the wall in the early 80's and made excellent business choices which landed her in tall cotton as us RGValley girls say.  She retired a while back, looked for what to do next, and has found something fun to pour her energies in to.  She invited me down to help with the business launch later this month.  Looking forward to that.  It's really neat to be back within easy range of my oldest friends.  We have our 40 year High School reunion celebration coming up next month.  Why October, I do not know, but I'm looking forward to a few days with my school buds.  We are approaching our Big 60 and I bet I don't recognize more than a handful of faces.  My graduating class was around 500.   I haven't been down there many times since I left for college.

Flew some this week - flying some next week after the WX system passes through here.  Getting back in to it slowly but surely.

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