The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I'm going to try to get back to making notes here - I'm behind and I'd like to catch up.  Writing the words helps clarify my thoughts and reading back over what I've written helps me refine and focus on how I most want to "organize" myself.  That's funny - I collect myself here and sort myself out.

I don't know how I want to spend my time today.

1. notes on the book I just finished reading - EARTHEN VESSELS / Matthew Anderson who blogs at Mere Orthodoxy .  I've read a couple of essays there - undecided on what I think of the site. "Mere" always recalls Lewis as "Orthodoxy" will Chesterton.  Shoulders of giants ... . Anyway - linked for further consideration and possible enlightenment.

There were points in the book that I'd like to note.

2. This - Human Needs Test 
As humans we all have basic needs that we try to meet in our everyday lives.  Whether consciously or unconsciously we will try to fulfill the needs which are most important to us.  However, our quality of life can be affected by how we choose to do that.  We can try to fulfill our needs either in a negative and harmful way, or in a positive and empowering way.  If the way we try to meet those needs is not in line with our values then we will experience conflict and discontentment.  When we are able to align our needs with our highest values then we will feel more complete and fulfilled.

  1. (importance to me)
  2.   6         Certainty.  The need for security, stability, and reliability.
  3.   6.5      Uncertainty/Variety.  The need for change, stimulation, and challenge.
  4.   6         Significance.  The need to feel acknowledged, recogized, and valued.
  5. 10         Love and Connection.  The need to love and to feel loved, and to feel connected with others.
  6. 11.5      Growth.  The need to grow, improve, and develop, both in character and in spirit.
  7.   9               Contribution.  The need to give, to help others, and to make a difference.
3 Noticing that people are asking me how I think about, or "deal" with the deaths in my childhood family.  That question is coming up a lot lately and I'd like to share that forward in time for the sake of my own children.

This is not related to anything I've listed today - just happened - An old man (92) just showed up at the front door asking if it might be okay for him to walk along the river in our back yard and perhaps fly fish there as he used to do.  I invited him in and we spent a few minutes becoming acquainted.  He is a very cool old guy.  His wife passed recently (he barely choked that out), He entered WWII as an already degreed Chemical Engineer and flew for our country.  He said, with barely controlled anguish,  at one time practically every plane (bombers) that went up on mission from his squadron were shot down.  He remembers those days more clearly (and with tangible emotional pain) then he does more recent events.  He lite up remembering what a huge help the RedTails were at keeping the bombers safe.  My husband has walked him down to the river and I hope to have him in for lunch next week.  

My youngest needs some time with me so  I set this aside for now.  More on those three topics later -

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GretchenJoanna said...

What sweet hospitality... and it seems to have nourished your own heart.