The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Monday, February 20, 2017

My MacBook Pro seems to be kaput!  I've tried restarting it but ... Nada.  Later this week I'll try to get an appointment at the local Apple Store. (Update on that - after being on the charger overnight the laptop restarted without a glitch.  The battery must have been so depleted that it just couldn't start.  Noted that the green dot on the power connection was very faint initially and became stronger as it charged.  Basically I am just monitoring the power and not allowing it to dip below 30% ... and I think I may be on notice that the need for a replacement device is on the horizon.)

It feels "funny" to tap out notes on my iPad!

Somehow... And I don't know how ... This device has stored the pictures I've used over the years as my profile pic.
It will be fun to look at those in order. I guess from 2009 to current.
IFR (in a C172) with an old school timer on the yoke

Summer Camp "sweetie" pickup

A "right turn" was indicated but I was thinking about "off-roading"

In foyer with "beach" chest
I loved that sweater

Don't remember this pic, but my grey was really starting to shine

Climbing rose bush where the birds built their nest-
this pic was taken bc of that brown dress
delivered that day from bff

don't remember this pic at all

This pic I don't remember either, but I know it was
taken before some la-de-da event in support of husband's career
(University colors for lipstick and necklace)
That is definitely a game face.

just joy (in a lightsport)

Newport Beach
another event related to husband's career
(first cup of coffee smile there ...)

My brother had texted asking for a
"what's up right now pic" - this is that.
This was a before dinner party shot
for husband's career.
I can see the pain in my eyes
(because it was apparent that
my brother was running out of time)

this pic in front of a painting by one of my daughters
I don't actually "like" this pic of me - I think my
upper lip to nose spacing looks really weird,
but I committed to a face shot a month posting on this blog
this was what I had that month - 

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