The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Monday, March 28, 2016

Today I made pillow cases

Last week we walked around an antique mall
and saw a bunch of old junk.
My husband likes to look at the books.
I mostly 
wander around
at places like that.

I like blue and white plates.
I have enough of those.

I like old "hankies"'
I seem to be the only person who still likes to use those.
I keep one in my purse.
There is a small stack of them in my top drawer - 
and a pretty little box
with six, never been used ones,
waiting for a turn in the purse.

They are pretty.
I buy only white ones with white embroidery and delicate trims.

I like the handwork that seems abundantly in supply at the antique store.

Last year I bought a tablecloth, which we enjoyed recently.
Usually I don't even check the price on those pieces -
I just hold them for a minute and wonder at the time
 and attention
(the love)
 which went in to producing them.
How could anyone let such a family treasure go?

This time I bought two double size top sheets.
Obviously part of someone's trousseau.

(Again - how did they come to be where stranger's can carelessly handle them?)
(And buy them?)

I don't use double sheets.
I do always like fresh white pillow cases though.
I made pillow cases.

For the price of four TARGET pillow cases we now have 11 beauties.

The fabric is perfection.

I am a little disconcerted still.  
The sicknesses, the deaths, the move ... house selling, house buying, life changing and changing and changing.  

It seems like this should "feel" like an idyllic time ... I can pretty much do as I please.  
It actually feels like a free fall. 
(I guess - I haven't fallen very far before - not more then just from a 3 meter board).  

Tonight, at choir, a new friend said the only thing I can do "wrong" during this time of readjustment is rush a decision.  A decision about a home was the presenting idea, but she meant more then that.  I was answering her question about whether or not I've begun to flight instruct again.  I haven't.  I am still trying to decide what I want to do about that.  My "flying buddies" are saying I need to get back at it.  They know how much I love it.  My husband would like for me to get back to it (if I want to).  I think everything "feels" so unsettled still. 

So ... today I made pillowcases.


gretchenjoanna said...

Pillowcases are creative and gentle and beautiful and useful...
Sometimes we can't handle any more excitement and adventure than just being where all this loss is going on in and around us.

DeAnn said...

Thank you GJ.