The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hey! Rain day!

It's not the rain especially, it's the low ceiling ... it's a day off from the joy of that for the joy of this!

I have a new magazine full of delicious Fall-ish recipes ... and time to sit and ponder, ummm plan ... menu plans.  I love to plan meals.  I love that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up.

Here's something new to me:
Pear Salad found here!
and time to look at beautiful pieces like this:
found here!
and sweet things like this:
here! dearlillie

And I am excited about next week's bible study class ... topic Generational Sins among which are deceit, envy, fear, and pride ... homework for that; read Genesis 30-35.

I have found a better (then me) replacement for my little part time job of assisting my elderly friend with her financial/etc. matters.  It feels good to know that she is in more capable hands ... I experienced it as an exercise in patience and hmmm, I don't know the right words for it ... She is comfortable with less structure (in general) then I like ... I didn't try to impose my need for what I think of as basic organization on how she likes to live,  never thought that was any of my concern ... but the chaos was ... taxing ... for me.  My husband has said rearing a family is like herding cats ... and I know what he means, helping my friend was most certainly my pleasure, but for me, it was more wearing then helping my kids has ever been.  I felt responsible yet unable to truly affect, influence, better outcomes.  It's hard for me to care/not to care.  And ... just to note, I'm not trying to talk about her business, she is fine ... I'm talking about how dealing with other's stretches us ... the emotional/whatever cost are fairly apparent, the growth/benefit may be more difficult to see, but I think it is present and helps build who we are becoming.  I'm glad to have completed the task in a way I can be proud of ... and happy to help out as needed in other areas.

Other thing on my mind today is the company I am providing contract flight instruction for.  
I like teaching people how to fly.  The Sport Pilot regs are somewhat new to me and require a fair bit of diligence.  I like learning new stuff.  Still making time to find more info on that Rotax engine.  I like learning about engines with an interactive DVD.  I like really being able to picture what's happening, or supposed to be happening, with the aircraft systems.  Still looking for something to help with that. I have been putting off learning about the ballistic (parachute) system ... really do not like the idea of an airplane that thinks it needs a parachute. (Yes. I know airplanes do not think ... I also know that sometimes the people in airplanes may find themselves unable to think at the level I'd like everyone a board to be onboard with flying type thinking ... I don't want someone putting the chute on an airplane that would be better off flying/gliding)  I am going to make myself look for You-Tube vids on parachute deployment on LSAs. It makes my tummy feel yuck to consider it ... (yes, to consider watching the vids ... lol).
the company is not local ... but the students are.  I have one face for the company ... and for me, there is something I can best describe as "tension" on what the company is actually.  They sell fractional ownership in an airplane.  I have said I will provide flight instruction for their clients (?).  I have been doing that since my insurance checkout in September.  They are late on my latest billing.  I see this as an opportunity to "stretch" myself towards more then I currently am.  I want to handle this responsibility (training pilots) and the business side of it (getting paid) in a way I can be proud of.  It is a new thing for me to say ... "Hey, where's the money?"  

I think life is about more then the moments we have to live.  I really think the moments are a platform for choices we make within the experiences our previous choices deliver. 

Yesterday I read this: "The world is incomprehensible, and anyone with a mind to attempt comprehension will be driven to madness." DB.
via American Digest  I enjoyed studying the images ... someone did a wonderful job of creating visual representations of word sketches form the Bible ... sorta, I haven't read that the human looking head was wearing a helmet, but it works for me ... .

Incomprehensible.  Indeed.  
It seems to me that I have/get little puzzle pieces ... that in fact my choices "create" little puzzle pieces ... and I have a little stack of pieces to work with (until the cat jumps up on the table, nabs one and darts away with it) ... I "have" a few pieces, I've put together little bits of the bigger picture and they lay with their weird little interlocking edges waiting for the next piece ... I don't have the box with the big picture on front ... I'm not really sure that I've put the pieces I have together in a completely satisfying manner.  I try.  

BTW ... saw The Counselor ... ummm, cannot recommend it.  Spent some energy sifting away bits of words/images/cinematic actions which the storytellers used to convey their story.  It was ... too cruel for me ... I don't watch TV (selective viewing via HULU and Netflix) ... I don't seek to read dark stuff. Under what was "too much" for me is actually a well written (is that possible? ... I think yes, the mode of conveyance was overwhelming for me, but ...) cautionary tale ... about choices and where those choices can take us.  I lost sleep over the images ... and I really spent a pretty good part of the movie with my eyes closed ... humming gently to myself ... breathing, soothing ... this is just a movie.  It hurt my heart to learn about some of that stuff.  (Yes, I know, I coulda/shoulda just walked out ... I really shoulda.) Anyway ... 

 ... incomprehensible ...
Thinking about what DB wrote/thought invited me to think about it.  Mr. Van der Leun's site attracts some really provocative comments. 

 "It matters little that you suffer, so long as you feel alive with a sense of the close bond that connects all living things, so long as love does not die! ~ Hermann Hesse

Actually ... Hesse rocks ... I'm gonna want to compile a different post for some HH quotes.  Companion to this train of thought ... . 

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