The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Friday, June 6, 2014

The "view" is definitely best from this side of the building. A room across the hall might allow a direct line of sight look at a church steeple a ways off ... I did like spotting that in the tree line, but over here one can see the sun rise.  This morning, for the first day here this time, the sky is relatively clear.  The few low-level clouds are moving along briskly and the flags are flapping gaily about.  Tommy pointed out a red sky earlier this morning.  Rain tomorrow?

Winds from the south.
Well, let's get a quick look at this ... .
KAUS 061234Z 15007KT 9SM FEW021 24/22 A2991
TAF says winds projected to pick up (14G20) around 11 local today.  It's 75 degrees F with RH@89%.  I like the way the wind moves around this complex of buildings ... worked out one mile laps and enjoy the transition on my skin and in my hair from a hot, still side to the shaded, breezy side.  Perfect place to walk.  My FitBit bracelet fell off somewhere between the TSA checkpoint and gate 36.  I have a pretty good feel for what 10,000 steps feels like though.

Boy, it's easy to see why people have wanted to try to read their fortunes in the sky, or in tea leaves.  All we've got are cold coffee dregs in styrofoam cups, and a picture window encouraging us to appreciate the air conditioning.

Ummm ... not much has changed this week.  Well, I say that.  The changes are slow ... slowly improving ... so slow that the joy of being on the mend gets almost lost in the frustrations of unknowns, wait and sees, unknowables.  For example, I forget to be thankful that the pain is managed as we fret about it's source.

A bird lands on that parking lot light almost every time I look out the window.  I've noticed that the birds glide just above the tree tops. One, probably a mocking bird, is nest building in the little "a".

I think the medical cross should be red (yes, there is time to ponder such matters).  If they wanted to play with the font they stopped short (it's that I have a sense of too much and too little time on my hands at the same time ... the perfect time cocktail for noting less important details).
Good news yesterday ... no news today.  Waiting weighs heavy ... and especially so when one doesn't know what they're waiting for.  His sheet gently rises and falls with his breathing, steady as the twirl of the IV monitor, steady as the florescent hum of the wall light that he likes to keep on.  I watch his face.  He is dreaming.
He grimaces.

Pretty soon I'll go round up some breakfast tacos and "real" coffee and have breakfast in the room.  He has scheduled a disconnect from the lines for shower time.  They have a great shower here with unlimited hot water.  And last night he found a scale down on the PT wing which gave him some good news ... weight coming back up. I think the medical team is outstanding. 

He is doing good.

I am fine as well.

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