The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday stuff ...

Three's girlfriend spent the better part of her afternoon over here on the back porch grooming Sammy.   I helped by holding his collar and insisting that he cooperate.  She is so great about dog care, and it was a huge help to me.  I was behind on brushing him out and his fur was woven tightly together close to his skin ... it took hours to work out what wasn't trimmed out.  Just when he thought we must be done, I pulled the water hose around.  That's a lot of dog to shampoo!  And ... she brought over a brand new bottle of the best smelling conditioner (conditioner!  Sammy never has had conditioner after the final soap rinse  ... and he couldn't possibly appreciate it as much as I do!  Smells absolutely fabulous)  I said he would go straight to his rolling around in the dirt he has cleared turf off of ... his big dog spot.  Why do dogs love dirt?  Yes, a lovely dirt patch right off the patio ... very 
attractive.  We are talking about seeding it and poking little plastic fork tines up to keep him out of it while new grass takes hold.  He has worked hard to fret that bald spot!  Anyway ... we talked about putting him the garage over night but decided to let him go ... and everybody laughed as he wallowed around. His fur is so thick that he was able only to tip the ends mostly.  It'll fall right out when dry.  He thought it was highly amusing.  Silly boy.

My sister-in law gave me this shirt.  She brought it back from India.  The fabric feels really good.  I am trying to wear more colorful things.  That feels weird.  I really do like just black and white clothes (on me). It's a sweet gift ... the colorful good feeling top that is mostly black.  It's nice to have a sister helping me out of my fashion mindset.  
Tommy ... feeling "puny".  Yes, he is continually in my thoughts.  Loving someone who is sick is a lot more complicated then I could have imagined.  I want to know exactly what's going on with him, but I don't want to pester the dickens out of him.  I mean ... let the man sneeze for pete's sake!  But ... why is he sneezing ... what's behind the sneeze?  For example, he's not really sneezing.  I am glad that we are traveling over there in a few days.  I really do just need a hug.

Later L and I went out for a movie.  Definitely the worst movie I can remember seeing, Tammy, just nothing to recommend it. It was probably fun for them to make.  We see probably 30+ movies per year, and I really enjoy knowing that movie night is coming up.  Seeing a wide variety of movies has been fun.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Begin Again.

Aside from those pleasant diversions, I'm working around my house and thinking about how women see themselves and how society views women.  Not in a broad sweeping way, just how the people I am most around tend to perceive women's roles and the dynamics, for lack of a more precise word.  It's interesting to be the mother of five, it's interesting to observe their processes as they form
important relationships.  I tend to like their people a lot.  Their people could easily be my people (smile).

One of my girls thinks she wants a very traditional relationship.  I'm not so sure that those truly exist. Roles.

Lately I've been looking at the "submissive" wife scriptures (traditional ... why? and, how did we arrive at that model?).  From there, I'm trying to understand what God's idea of a "good" women seems to be.  It's gotta be in there.  My husband was talking about Abraham's wife, Sarah.  He said something like,  Abraham did all kinds of horrible things to Sarah, but she was always submissive ... that's a Godly woman.  Something like that.  Something which made Sarah an interesting personality to check in to.  I mean ... why would "submissive" be at the top of anyone's list of great qualities to cultivate?
I've been looking at what I can gather on Sarah and I'm surprised that the Bible has a pretty good bit of info on Sarah.  On a different, ongoing for a while, post, I'm going to start collecting notes on Sarah.  She started out being Sarai.  And then ... what?  One of my kids is working as a camp councilor for the summer and they have "camp names" ... the campers don't know their real names.  I like names.  I think names are important.  And ... I think when ones name "changes" that it matters.  I think it matters a lot ... name stuff.  So ... I'll start there.


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