The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, April 9, 2015

It really does seem like we are getting ready to put our house on the market this time.
Maybe not, there's something I'm trying not to pay attention to which will be decided this week (and would maybe keep us here through the summer).

I'm experiencing many new to me insights and emotions as we negotiate this process.  Yesterday I unloaded the top cabinets in my kitchen, painted what's there - L is changing the hardware on the door fronts to something better (now that we want to sale and that is a bit of an irritant ... the next people get the great stuff while I just made due ... life is busily sorting priorities) - I'm using the Annie Sloan Chalk paint on the cabinets because I like the softness of that paint on the older construction.  Today I'll begin the wax finish.  I replaced the cork lining on the two bottom shelves only - that stuff has gotten expensive and the top shelf just got fresh vinyl. I noticed that if you like to cook a lot of different things you need a lot of different types and sizes of cookware.  I'm "de-cluttering" so there is a big plastic storage bucket full of top cabinet stuff sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor waiting to be pack nicely into U-haul boxes.  I'm supposed to get a storage unit rented asap ... I want to make the house look like three people live here instead of the seven who have stuff, and lots of it, stored in every nook and cranny.  As I sort I wonder why so much stuff ... ?  Momma was too good at tossing stuff ... I'm trying to channel her!  Next dilemma ... I wonder if it's best to add a garage sale to my list of things to do.  Maybe I could make a couple hundred bucks ... which I'd like to do ... but it seems like a big project and I don't think my undesirable stuff is worth much.  In the past I have kept a bag in the front closet for things that are ready to leave our home ... I've always donated it.  Donating stuff you no longer need is easy.  We do that in life and think it's "charity" when it is in fact simply expeditious.  

This morning. before it got too hot (yeah, it really did, I was dripping sweat and Southern girls must stop at glisten! lol) I transplanted Day Lilies from the garden into 8 big pots.  I'd like to take some of my plants  with me to Texas.  Wisteria grows like crazy here and is considered a huge nuisance.  In Texas it's prized.  I need to get a good root system for at least one vine ... I'd love to plant some on a fence or trellis over there.  Also, I need a few starts from my Granny's gardenia bush.  Momma brought some over for me probably twenty years ago.  It was in a quart bucket.  Maybe I'll find (or start) enough babies to guarantee a good start of that for our next place.  

It's weird to move.  I'm finding little things that I haven't seen in years, maybe even many years. It underlines how fast life passes by.  

Well ... lots to do today!

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