The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

moving boxes

It's definitely Spring and the grass is "greening up".  You can't see it in the picture of the front of the house, but the hydrangeas under the garage windows are sprouting new leaves.  I like the blue flowers with the orange brick ... and the yellow day lilies.  Spring.  Birds singing and crickets chirping and frogs making that strange froggy sound.  This is the first movement of the cicada symphony.

I don't know what we will do with all these books!  Last year, at Christmas, I gave away several of my most valued books.  I thought one, just the right one for each of the seven kids (our five plus two they share with our family).  I thought it would be interesting for them to read the book this year then pass it to someone else in the reading circle so that in time we might have developed a common vernacular by which to think about some important ideas.  We'll see how that goes.  Maybe the books haven't been opened since - idk.
I do know that L has a ton of books.  I am down to one bookshelf full myself, most of them aviation related.  This semester I am giving students any duplicates that might help them, previously I have loaned those out.  I may be past instructing.  I smile in my heart when I think of flying again, but I don't yearn for it.  Staying proficient requires more time then I seem to have for it ... and I really hate sloppy flying.

Late last night, well, later then late because we went for a walk around 11:00 and the text came in after that, anyway, last night the one of Tommy's nurses who I felt such an affinity for sent a text.  I was very happy to hear from her.  Tommy came to love her and I did too.  He loved easily.  I don't.  I've become more so, but I am still somewhat reserved with strangers and ... everyone is strange to me.  That's not really so.  I love my people very much.  I'm learning how to "embrace" better.  I don't like to be hurt so I manage the risk ... we all do relationships differently.  She has had a heartbreaking experience this year, and my heart joins hers in the grief of it.  Life can be quite difficult.  We agreed that there are also shimmering moments of joy.  I wonder if it were possible to see the big picture of one's life or even bigger then that ... I wonder if the joy could be more readily perceived.

I do notice that a more relaxed pace allows one to hear the birds sing ... and time to wonder what they are singing about ... and time to ask myself why I don't sing more myself.

  • "Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length." ~ Robert Frost

Psalm 66:4English Standard Version (ESV)

All the earth worships you
    and sings praises to you;
    they sing praises to your name.” Selah

Canticle Of The Sun
The heavens are telling the glory of god, and all creation is shouting for
joy, come, dance in the forest, come play in the field and sing, sing to the glory of the Lord

Sing to the sun, the bringer of day, he carries the light of the Lord in his rays, the moon and the stars, who light up the way unto your throne.
Praise to the wind, that blows through the trees, the seas mighty storms, the gentlest breeze, they blow where they will, they blow where they please, to please the Lord.
Praise to the rain that waters our fields, and blesses our crops, so all the earth yields, from death unto life her myst'ry concealed, springs forth in joy.
Praise to the fire, who gives us his light, the warmth of the sun to brighten our night, he dances with joy, his spirit so bright, he sings of You.
Sing to the earth, who makes life to grow, the creatures You made to let Your life show, the flowers and trees that help us to know the Heart of Love.
Praise to our death, that makes our life real, the knowledge of loss that helps us to feel, the Gift of Yourself, Your Presence revealed to bring us home.

 ~ St. Francis of Assisi


gretchenjoanna said...

Is this the tune you know?
On the website for Celtic Christian Music I don't see a place to hear a clip. I love the words!

DeAnn said...

GJ - I had not looked for this being sung before you offered the link. I did learn, as I searched for an excellent musical performance of these words, that it is attributed to St. Francis of Assisi.

I am glad that his words bring you some joy as they do me.

Also pleased to have the opportunity to credit the "canticle" properly. I imagine I would like to hear it spoken ... if I come across anything, I will get you the link. ~D