The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The "nothin'" much that is up

 Sammy and I took the chance of getting rained on when we went for a walk Thursday evening.  Finally rain!  Haven't seen real rain here since maybe May.  Hurricane Patricia made landfall in Mexico last night and here, some one thousand miles NE we enjoy only the benefits.  Thankfully, for those more closely involved, the storm weakened quickly once it made landfall. I have seen hurricanes with one fourth the winds they were projecting blow trees over and rip highway signage right off of the overhead structures (that I saw only afterwards)!

 This is a picture of Sam "seeing" a cow for the first time.  There are several in a pasture that we passed on our walk.  Usually I walk the trails around here but decided a walk in the neighborhood would be a nice change.  He really wanted to pull through the fence and would have if I hadn't insisted "no"!  The cows seemed to be somewhat interested in him as well. If he comes up missing from the yard sometime soon that will be the first place I look.

These pictures show couple of the houses in this area, my two favorites of the neighboring homes.
I can see that architecturally they are very similar.  If we bought a house rather then built a house, I would prefer something like these.  It feels kinda weird to be renting.  It's like being in a holding pattern without a specific (or even known possibilities) landing place to plan for.  I notice how fortunate I have been to never have experienced the strangeness of that situation before now. 
We do like this area very much.  I, for one, wake up aware of how very grateful I am to be "home" every day.  I do like Texas.  My daughter is still adjusting.  She has done admirable well under the circumstances!  She does not share my affinity for Texas.  Sammy and the cats have never been happier though.

Saw this this week and thought of old friends less present.
We get too busy for each other -  busy with more pressing issues and friendships suffer. 

 This is one of the hanger walls where I work now.  I like that the "tails" are hanging in honor of so many special days.  Each shirt is personalized with an individual quip.  Very sweet.

And finally, this, taken this morning from where I sit sipping coffee.  Sammy's feet aren't as muddy as they appear to be.  The floor was lightly tracked last night when he came in.  Both cat's opted to sleep out, but were delighted to see the door open early this morning.  He ignores them (mostly).

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