The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, February 6, 2016

house hunting ... not so much fun!

bathroom of a home we were shown last week
I really love (considered and it isn't too strong a word here)
the recycled glass countertops

Those counter tops are about the same price as other solid surface tops. About half the price of marble or granite.

This home had a lot going for it, but for me it seemed to be short one or two rooms.  It's at the top end of my price range and per square foot - high for my area. (The entire house was painted pink or turquoise ... I like white/grey.)

master bath at another house I visited last week
This home is at the lower end of our price range (which is good), has a very desirable location, and acre of land, several really great trees and comes with a lot of BUTS.  I can definitely see structural problems and possibly mold.  It hasn't been updated since the year it was built (1982).  The closet which is accessed from the bath is about three times larger then we need - plenty of room for a great shower.

The bathroom is begging for a nice tub like this.  None of the builders here seem to be using freestanding tubs.  Even in that very nice bathroom shown first it's all about those big non-jetted Jacuzzi tubs.  I think this one is both aesthetically more appealing and would be lots easier to clean.

The foyer on that ugly house could easy look like this.
My husband likes travertine floors and we are comfortable installing them DIY.

I believe the doors in the house (which are very nice solid wood) could be striped, bleached, pickled or whitewashed and look just like this ... all the existing wood doors and trim has turned orange-y with age (poly) ... they despair for  fresh air.

I'm a huge fan of these very light (and not at all yellow) wood floors  I think the chevron will be dated pretty quickly, but it is fabulous in that picture.  I lean towards wood floors or concrete but I like travertine (without grout).  I'm researching how to take care of it.  It was in a vacation rental house in the Keys and I thought it was beautiful.  I also like the wood ceiling treatments in these pictures and would like to use that in the foyer and den of the ugly house.  It really could be quite special.

I would also want to replace the french doors and even the breakfast room window wall with this type black steel door/window treatment.  

That houses a really bad kitchen - well here's a pic:

Hoping the kitchen can be totally gutted.  If that doesn't fit in the budget it's a deal breaker.  I cook.

Two of my kids know we are considering the fixer upper.  They say "run" ... they say Dad has better things to do, will soon remember that, and I will be stuck with a big ugly brick shack!  My husband doesn't like to hire help!  also, I didn't mention, the yard is entirely unlandscaped and the concrete driveway is in pebbles.  It's a real mess.  The realty says they are asking too much for it in it's present state.  In the mean while, I clean and reorganize my little rental refrigerator and look out the back window to see white egrets flying high over the river.


gretchenjoanna said...

Yes, just because you CAN do the work yourself doesn't mean you WILL do it. Especially as you get older, as your kids somehow know (how are they so smart?) you are wiser and want to spend time differently.

But I like your style!!

DeAnn said...

It's a real quandary! Because I love gas cooking appliances and because I long for a perfect bathtub it seems a real hurdle to purchase a home without those two (critical) features. I'd like to have wood flooring, it's what we are used to and like - I don't dislike travertine if that's my husband's preference. I think we are realizing we want a "fixer-upper", it just needs to not be too much work! Believe it ornate, I'm the easy one to please in this transaction!

Appreciate the word to the wise!

Mattie said...

The first house really does seem to lack space and personality too. I agree that the second house has a lot more to work with. It has a natural charm going for it. That freestanding bathtub is simply lovely and the doors will be exquisite when you remove the orange coloring. It always amazes me when an artist's vision takes shape.

DeAnn said...

Hi Mattie,
Your comment describes bot that house and the refrigerator in our rented house, lacking in space and personality! It's been interesting to observe how the downsides of renting "push" the search process. I sure was excited about the possibility of working with the house pictured here. Two elderly women bought it before we could get an offer in. Still looking ... .
Appreciate your comments ~ DeAnn