The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just silliness for today

While my husband is away the "ugly house" has seduced an admirer and is now pending (it really might not pass inspection so I find that  interesting to watch).  Finding myself both relieved and some what disappointed, I'm 100% back in the quest.

Meanwhile, L is back at our old house tending to office type work and tinkering around the house. As I walked Sammy yesterday, this popped in:

I would say that although the topics are rich in their variety, that this is a typical "type" conversation between us.  Now that he spends a good deal of his time away from the office I am learning how to cope with all the special attention.  While I "rat out" my family members might as well go all in.

This I absolutely adore because I am not near enough to "do" a cake and it's tremendously delightful for me to see big sister step in to do this labor of love for a younger sibling.  She does create the most amazing cakes!  Even when we were all nearer she often baked for the family.  Just sweetsweetsweet.

He hasn't seen this house.  I am interested to see how much like home it can feel for him.  His special request is lots of home cooking.  That we can do!

Her pharmacy defaults to my number even though we have requested a change several times.  I like to send picture messages in lieu of the 100 words.  She cracks me up!

And the mystery of the missing sock is solved.  For some reason she can text off and on during the school day.  I actually like it.  This one is already getting four or five solicitations from Universities every day.  I can feel the nest getting ready to empty.  Several years ago II's little slicker hanging on our covered back porch became a nesting place for a momma bird.  It was left hanging to dry where we could look out the breakfast room window in to the hood and watch the eggs progress all the way to chirping little hungry birds.  I was standing on the porch when they all made the flight from the nest.  The sweetness of the memory still brings tears to my eyes.  Ah ...

Whatever did we do before texting made connections so easy?

I am staying busy around the house mostly.  It feels good to have things set straight.  I have some cleaning to do later today - and a walk with Sammy.  Every time a plane flies over I wonder why I am "putting off" going back to work a few mornings a week as a flight instructor.  I am dieting - that's true and it does make me a bit tired and maybe not sharp enough to keep an eye on things in the air.  I am losing the weight I put on while sitting with Tommy.  Yesterday a picture of L, Tommy and I appeared between two books.  I do not remember anything about the picture at all.  Nothing looks familiar about it except the three of us.

Based on my glasses I'm guessing vintage 1985 ...
L still had a full head of hair, I was paying double for spiral perms,
and Tommy seems to be sporting bike helmet head!
He would love seeing this every bit as much as I have!
~ still sorting through the big unpack in Texas!
 Lately, I have begun to feel more like myself after the trauma and stress of the past couple of years.  I am totally looking forward to trying out the local gliding activity.  
For now I seem to be happiest reading, walking, cooking, playing ... getting ready for three of my kiddos to come in for a visit at the end of the month.  I really hope I start wanting to fly regularly again. 


gretchenjoanna said...

Your texting snapshot here is entertaining! My kids, most of the time, seem to be too grown up and busy to text very much. That's okay, because I am soooo slow at it, it drives me crazy. So I don't enjoy long conversations that way. I prefer FB chat and not on my phone!

It's lovely to hear how you are healing doing normal things, everyday "quotidian" things. And that gives you energy for special things, too, bit by bit.

My daughter sent me flowers for Valentine's Day.

God bless you with peace -- and of course, LOVE on V. Day. XOXO

DeAnn said...

What a wonderful blessing! Thank you! And may you be enveloped in peace and love as well! It is a blessing when you are so tenderly cared for by those who love you. Florist flowers are such a luxury! I haven't seen a pic of you bouquet yet ... .

I thought posting current text windows would be fun for my kids to see later. We all text quite routinely, Id say as a first preference usually! Those smartphones plus unlimited data make it so easy! I hadn't realized how much I take texting for granted when I might be more appreciative of that open line to my family and friends! My brother insisted on keeping his flip phone and testing on it was a challenge! He was my drive time chat buddy!

Quotidian! What fun! A word I was entirely unfamiliar with! Maybe it is a blessing that I hadn't seen - so many things that need seen to after a move across the country. I stay busy and I think your observation is on target - flying routinely will "come back" in it's own time.

I'm baking cookies on Monday with my niece and V. Looking forward to making several batches of pretty little valentines! I hope you have some fun planned and look forward to seeing your next post!