The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I know you see me, Im just like you
I know you see me, im just like you
Im just trying to make my way
I gotta feelin that you can relate
And dont talk much, shoot straight
Cant you see me wavin Im flaggin a ride
Cant you see me wavin Im flaggin a ride
Maybe you been caught out once before
Maybe youre an angel disguised
Maybe you got room to spare
Maybe youre the one that dont just stare
Cant you see me wavin Im flaggin a ride
Glad to see you comin I got nothing to hide
Cos Im tryin to get to providence
not matter the cost
If I dont make it there
Cant you see me wavin Im flaggin a ride
Cant you see me wavin Im flaggin a ride
Maybe youve been caught out once before
Trying to get to Providence
I know what for
But Im out in the cold


I really like the idea of "Providence".  And ... with the notion of P/providence, I wonder how many untold, unshared, stories are there out there, or even in here, which are not told because we don't "do" our stories alone.  We do our stories with other people.  We don't tell our version of the story because our story is not ours alone.  Like ... I fell the other day and I noted that but ... I fell all by myself.  I could write about that.  When I fall with someone else ... or when I fall and some one else catches me ... or when falling people splat on me ... I can't write about that because that's someone elses story too.  

It's too bad that stuff can't be shared, because I think it would help if we could really see each other.  And I think if we could see each other, if we really allowed ourselves to be seen, that we could see God more easily.  I'm thinking we could see ... maybe not God, but ... where He'd been recently.  What became better ... because of His care.  

I read something I wrote back several years ago (not a published note and really, I should destroy it because it's ... well, I wouldn't mind if my kids read it later, or guaranteed strangers read it now, but it's one of those things that people would look at you differently if they read it and I wouldn't like anyone seeing that deep into my "me", and that's what I'm talking about - too bad we can't really share our stories.  Too bad, because if we could we would be encouraged.  

My kid, V, and I have been hanging out alone these past several days while my husband is out doing consulting work.  I have been "chilling" in my chair listening to music and watching old TV on my laptop.  She has a few last few days before school starts back things to do.  She is letting me glue pre-printed Chemistry things on cards.  Front and back.  It's funny to me that my last kid has so many of my study idiosyncrasies.  I didn't tell her.  She just does it that way.  Makes perfect sense to me!  Because I am drinking (was) a martini while I cut and glue she is surreptitiously watching me, making certain that the word on front matches the formula on back.  Pretty amusing.

I'm taking pictures of her (because she is just so precious and I know she won't be studying here at home for many more years where do they go before she is away at college.  She took these of me sitting in my chair.  Tonight I asked her what she would think of the idea of me joining the Peace Corps or something like after her first year away. She said she thinks I should find some volunteer work right here where I live.  

My FIRC is coming up.  I'm still thinking about if I want to start flying all the time again.  I really don't know.  

I do feel pretty relaxed about everything.  Well, most of the time.  

(I put that martini in a bullet blender with a bunch of ice.  It's like a slushy. Don't judge.)

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