The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

putting stuff back where it belongs - better for everyone


When we were looking for a house to rent over here I really did not like this house.  I like the proximity to the trails.  I like looking out the back windows and seeing something special - seriously, every time there is something neat to see out there - deer, blue heron, egrets, ducks or geese, people kayaking the river, cool rock formations steeped in history - neat stuff.  I like that I can always see my dog, and that he can see me.  I like that there is enough room in the house for my people.  I like that a storage building is right on the other side of the carport.  I like the carport rather than a garage and that's a surprise.  I like the trees and the birds in the trees.  It's quiet down here on the river and at night it's dark.  I like that.  

I didn't like that tiny pantry which was right sized for the tiny kitchen.  You don't need the list of what all I dislike about this house ... and to be honest I don't like to think about it.  I like to think about how the great room furniture is situated to take advantage of the views out back.  Everything is right about that river.

Storage furniture that was otherwise used in our old home now houses an excess of dishes, cooking vessels and small appliances, kitchen tools and less basic spices ... flower vases, Grandma's silver, table linens ... stuff.  Kitchen stuff, and overflow pantry stuff is easily found behind the closed cabinet doors just a few steps out of the kitchen in the "den" (which is a garage conversion and a very helpful, if aesthetically weird, multipurpose room).
The tiny pantry does what I need a pantry to do.  It keeps groceries within reach and out of sight. The tiny pantry does what I want it do.  It provides me with a place where everything is "orderly".  Every time time I open those little doors "stuff" in there makes perfect sense.

The refrigerator provides plenty of opportunity for me to practice self-soothing too.  I laugh about it now.  I used to be dismayed.  It's tiny to start with but the real challenge is everything in the back third is likely to freeze.  Lol,  I've found it to be optimal for left overs.  

Life has taught me that a lot of stuff can be in disarray, or seemingly in disarray, but as long as there are places beyond the reach of chaos "things" can  feel mostly okay.  I started with my pantry in the other house.  I could go in to the pantry when I need order.  

A lot of stuff seems to be a mess in our country.  I am hopeful that there is still time to set things "right".  

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