The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Because of relatively wicked winds aloft last week, my little get acquainted flight was cancelled - rescheduled for Wednesday next week (Stall recoveries and a few maneuvers for me).  Bounced around by wind shear is not fun in an airplane that weighs 1320 soakin' wet and fully loaded (max TO 1320 - sample loading problem with full fuel {24 gallons@6#per = 144} and 46 pounds of baggage {50 max} leaving a skimpy 300 pounds for me to share with the other pilot or pax.  300 pounds is a ludicrous number for two adults - which had to be the primary flaw in the SkyCatcher's viability.  The normal, average weight, for a regular sized guy begins at 185, more if he works out.  Doesn't leave much.

Three spent the week with us.  He scheduled wisdom tooth removal and a quiet recovery with us near at hand just in case.  I didn't get to hover over him near as much as I wanted to.  His sister said he looks like a hipster fashion model.  He said his work doesn't require much on the appearance side which is great because time for haircuts is hard time to find.  I think he probably gets a lot of compliments or at least positive nonverbal feedback.

Four came in on Saturday before big brother had to head back to Denver on Monday.  There is something very special about an empty quilt closet. Can't remember when I last woke up with four of our five snuggled in under their grandmother's time softened  handmade quilts.

One and Three amused themselves playing some gameboy game that can link between devices  near each other.  How many times have I taken their camaraderie for granted over the years? They are almost 7 years apart in age and have always gotten along well together,  Just seeing everyone engaged in simple things like this was precious for me.

Four and Five out on the back deck - the weather was mostly great!

Four shooting at the gun range

Voodoo Donuts

One with his dog (a 9 month old Australian Shepard)

Not because we are short on good cooks, but because we are very short on working space in the kitchen I prepared the meal part of the "feast" by myself with V baking pies as time slots allowed!
She did a fantastic job with a lemon meringue which was one of my mom's specialties.  Momma would have been so pleased and impressed!

Last picture of the day 

brie with cranberry orange jalapeno compote
with cocktails - 


(which for me is all about the turkey, dressing and gravy)

grocery list
cooking schedule

the deer are starting to get "fiesty"

 Table cleared, leftovers stored, dishes done by One and Four
(while I zoned-out in the hammock) 

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