The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Been busier then I like to be.  Yesterday I wondered if I had time to think, what would I be trying to think about?  I'm busy thinking about that little bitty airplane and about teaching people how to properly fly the thing.  And, in regards to that, it amuses me to see several different styles of sorta listening and maybe responding ... because someone landing an airplane can't necessarily hear a word one is saying whilst they are busy setting up to screw the pooch.  It's the best sort of funny that you absolutely can't laugh out loud about.  And ... it's interesting for me because I think the line between landed and sheared the gear off the little thing may be fairly thin on a good day anyway.  Well, anyone who says the light sport isn't super fun to fly is just a big kidder (unless they are very tall ... the guys over 6'2" are pretty much too wedged in to really enjoy it, size twelves are too big for the rudder pedals ... the specs don't want anyone over 260 in the seats and while I would say the fun is well worth losing weight you probably don't need anyway that while over six foot may be doable it's probably not going to be as enjoyable. 
I were marketing this type airplane I'm certain that I would target not the new pilot audience, rather the pool of ATPs whose wives don't want a crotch rocket blasted off from suburbia to parts unknown.  Newbies can learn to handle the plane sufficiently well, but the heavy metal guys would really appreciate the speed and agility gracefully delivered by the Light Sport (at 3 gallons (those guys can blow 18 pounds on a sneeze)).  (14 Cool Concept Bikes ... here just bc they are cool enough that I'll wanna see them again.)

The LSA guys may need some motorcycle concept design guys on their boards because I'm hearing the CTSW is getting called "cute" a lot ... while that may be slightly better the Sky Gnat (kinda hilarious) or Guppy (I can see it), it's still not how most folks wanna think of their plane ( ... just saying).

So, if I did have time to think I know I'd be trying to imagine what Mark Twain would have to say about the government shutdown.  ... Smithsonian closed ... National Parks closed ... I hear they have closed the ocean as well ... .

In fact, I am spending some of my time thinking about how best to move back home (to Texas where heads are screwed on straight before birth).  Best being another word for planning.

We are here yet our thoughts turn to there. Zillow is a neat idea I think.  And as I look at homes what I mostly learn is that I would love to build my own place over there.  What I see for sale is too fussy for my simple tastes ... and for what I hope is my last home I really would like to have what I want if it's possible.  I do feel bad about wanting to build another structure when so many are sitting empty, but I like the Lake Flato type sensibility and as far as I can see, none of their dwellings are for sale. And, I want smaller then seems to be available.  I want a perfect little nest (with a view and some water element, either natural or seemingly so).  (I'm looking at that picture and noticing that I still look really tired, it's a strain to keep people who are learning how to land safe ... to balance a potential buyer's ego with safety and especially when they tend to be unable to listen well because they are saturated by the novelty of piloting a different kind of bird, the experienced guys are actually worse then the uninitiated).

Twenty years from now ... wow.
We moved here twenty years ago.  I like being old enough to scale my life in 20 year increments.  I look forward to the 60-80 bracket, as much as I am loving the 40/60 part I know next will be even cooler because I know what I need "next" to feel like ... I flew there in a dream ... and life has taught me how to be there.  
Mark Twain, one of my very favorite guys, really reached some outstanding conclusions.  If it seems right once I get there, I think I may stencil this quote to a wall in the nest ... or etch it into a big sheet of glass (even better) to look out through.

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