The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

photo notes from a really good day

typical morning ... after shower, cooking breakfast,
coffee in hand

turkey bacon for me, "real" bacon for him

feels good to have my boots back on for the day

just off 18 ... BKN30

455kts (doesn't "feel" faster,but it did create an even bigger sillier smile

"thinking face" ... what's different what's the same?
I can feel velocity gently rinsing gravity off the wings ... it's subtle, smooth ...
I feel the length of the fuselage behind us and I twist in my seat to observe the wing ...
"The wing is a fair distance behind us" I say and he laughs.  "Sometimes we stop with the front end suspended over the end of the runway."  I look away ... back out my window gauging the distance I sit in front of the gear ... I think I would prefer to see a roll out like that from outside the plane.

Broke through and the second thing I noted was the pond at the end of the runway
"Hope not to see any alligators up close and personal," 
I'm  thinking about how short the  runway seems at this speed.
Lovelovelove the stopping program
it's fairly loud after the quiet of cruise
and unlike departure, there is nothing subtle about it.
I've watched 'em land thousands of times and it looks cool from out there,
 but I absolutely adored the entire landing process from where I sat.
Very cool.

departure ... each frequency change cleared us higher
north bound

clouds streaming overhead

last whisper of gold

the CJ has pretty lines I think
lite chop tickles my feet (and I smile)

It's just one beautiful vista after another
I'm excited ...
 thinking about trying to paint one of the images from this trip
as a place keeper for a "blessed" day

here I think "It" must be a water color
 bc these colors are a gift from water  content in our atmosphere 

fire and ice

Cessna lines ... 

Imho, it's  just a very privileged perspective ...
for me it's not even about the plane,
 it's what it requires of you and what it returns to you ...
(that 's a fair summary statement for how I've experienced my aviation journey).

home ... straight in 4000 OVC (visual approach)

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