The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Zebra … eta tomorrow!

Finally a big break in the weather … I flew all the daylight out of yesterday.  Still working on Flight Review type flying with a couple of people … third one now entirely finished.  He is a very capable private pilot who enjoyed executing his first (and second) ever power off 180.  It's cool to see someone work out the sink.  I knew he was way high for his touch down point … he opted no flaps, which was one of the options I suggested (because I really think slipping the plane is fun and effective) … I laughed out loud at his wimpy slip (I love when laughter volunteers in the plane, anyway … not laughing at him, just enjoying the joy).  He has a strong inclination to keep his airspeed 15% higher then the suggested speed for final … it was really difficult for him to make himself commit to best glide … which was the reason I wanted to introduce the maneuver.  I don't think he's the kind of guy who will ever allow a fuel  blooper, but … sometimes engines stop … he needs to get the feel for a best performance scenario just so he can "know" as best he can ('cause he has trained himself to zoom).  I really liked that he has improved his skills over the time he's held the certif., and he actually nailed and ILS approach down to mins. under the hood.  It was fun for me to see how pleased he was to challenge himself and excel.  So … good flight for me.
The earlier flight was also (what's one of those words?) … swell.  Commercial pilot polishing a little rust off … he actually has completed the review and just wants to work on a few little details. Most notable thing about his flight was how surprised he was at (not by) all the crazy "flying" yesterday … it's pretty easy to believe that most air accidents happen in perfectly clear blue skies … and I suspect December taps people on the shoulder encouraging them to fly the same way January sees increases in gym activities.  Airplanes, hanger-ed too long, want to come out to play. We extended DW to let someone, who'd been waiting a while, depart, number two to depart selected to ease out on to the runway when I was on shortshort final … go round!  Couldn't turn back in to the pattern because of traffic spacing on DW and XW so opted for right turn out with intent to climb, come back over the top and teardrop back in to 45 entry … . He also opted for a right turn out!  I don't think he ever saw us.  It really "frosted" my flying buddy.  Just life in the hood for a busy little (pilot controlled) field … the potential mayhem was exacerbated by a guy who needed to cross the active runway at A2 … poor thing was tying up the frequency explaining why he needed directions.  I felt sorry for him, but I think everyone else was just annoyed (and crotchety old men drivers are even worse in their airplanes! … I know it's naughty to stereotype! … ).  People who don't fly often seem to neglect the abort plan … at my airport you gotta keep all the windows open just in case someone shuts the door!
Field just NE of here has wildlife all over the place.  Happened to be there briefly yesterday and visiting with  lawman who were fueling up to go get a prisoner.  I said, "Why don't you guys clear out the coyote and wild pig problem out here (and maybe take the turkeys in a bonus round).  They said some plan is currently evolving … jeez, both pilots were "carrying", we were talking about the deadly force clause, and shackles … shooting those little beady-eyed departure wreckers seems like an excellent idea to me.
Today, I'd like to work on my chair project, but I'm behind on Christmas decorating and shopping!  Busy time of the year … seems like it should be the slowest.  Really nice to have a breather in the air though!

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