The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dodinsky ... kinda rocks

A pointless argument is when both parties assert their position by continuously pointing out each other’s wrongdoings. A lot of blaming and shaming happens in the absence of calm and understanding. — Dodinsky

“In every undertaking you face, always be at your best. Find delight in doing what you do. Someday you will find yourself in a far better place because you learned to value your efforts more than expectations.” — Dodinsky

“The LESS time you spend criticizing how others choose to live, the MORE time you can spend improving the quality of your life.” — Dodinsky

A beautiful life will bloom from a beautiful mind that is nurtured by beautiful thoughts. At any time you can allow beauty to flow within you. — Dodinsky

Neglect is often the slow poison in a relationship. The wound it causes cannot be mended by begging to be heard and acknowledged. To do so will only lead to further harm of your worth. It is very painful to release what you had hoped for, but letting go of someone who overlooks what they have in you is a good investment for your future. — Dodinsky

Do not allow the noise of their negativity smother the whisper of your heart. Let the strength of your character uphold the goals you have set for your life. — Dodinsky 

You alone can dismantle the barrier to your happiness. When you rely on others to do that for you, that barrier gets bigger. — Dodinsky

“A bad decision is not the end of you. How you choose to deal with your mistakes will determine your fate more than actually making one.” — Dodinsky

“When your mind begins to waver during life’s unrelenting storms, let your heart assume control. For when you feel you are running out of hope, trusting yourself will help see you through. ” — Dodinsky

You are always given the opportunity to make someone feel appreciated. It makes a world of difference to someone who feels empty or ignored. When it comes to kindness, nothing is ever small. — Dodinsky

You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you. — Dodinsky 

When someone gives you a rare insight into their life, do not repay that gesture by betraying their trust. — Dodinsky

If it is detrimental to you emotionally, physically and spiritually… what choice do you have left but to let go and flourish with self-respect. — Dodinsky

Every day you either see a scar or courage. Where you dwell will define your struggle. – Dodinsky

Knowing who you are is the best defense against who they think you are. – Dodinsky 

No matter what you have gone through and what others have put you through, you are still you. To embrace happiness, to find your passion and to love yourself, remember these things were never taken away from you. Nothing can stop you from rediscovering yourself. The greatest journey always begins within YOU. — Dodinsky

I smile when I look back at the troubles that have strengthened me. What seems to be insurmountable struggles then are now beautiful ornaments illuminating my soul. — Dodinsky

There are times when you need to explain your actions to others out of respect. But accept the truth that some people don’t really care about what you say or do. Those times you need to stop explaining out of respect to yourself. — Dodinsky

People can let you down, but only YOU can keep yourself permanently down. Rise above it, and get moving!” — Dodinsky 

” Forgiving is rediscovering the shining path of peace that at first you thought others took away when they betrayed you.” — Dodinsky

To breathe your own truth is your heart’s most burning desire. To live your purpose is your soul’s lifelong dream. – Dodinsky  

“Get angry, get furious–but never crumble into resentment.” – Dodinsky

“You are defined by your choices, and you have thousands of them spread through a lifetime to continue re-inventing yourself.” – by Dodinsky 

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