The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, September 20, 2014

protects, trusts, hopes, persevers ... loves

between layers
Haven't flown since March ... I've been invited to co on a couple of charter flights (it's an offering of joy because that friend loves me and knows that velocity + altitude can lift heavy hearts) and so far it just hasn't worked out.  Last time my buddy suggested I call in sick (to my new job) and ... just ... fly away for the day.  I couldn't.  I sure did want to, but ... .

This picture was snapped some while ago.  I really don't specifically remember when because lots of flights look like that ... above the ceiling, below the flight levels ... between.

Four rocked a biology test this week .  She said, "I now know everything there is to know about bacteria and plants and how they grow so if V ever needs help with her Biology I'm the master".  That cracks me up ... yes, I'm certain that she knows she's exaggerating, but I enjoy the idea that "we" tend to over rate our understanding of things.  I smile to remember myself back when I knew everything (about bunches of things).  I type that out with a small smile.

"We don't have a fever thing".  Too funny.  I truly enjoy the relationship with my children.  It's cool to share life closely with people.  I feel that quite intensely lately. I am so grateful for the beauty of it.  Love.

"... the greatest of these is love."

She worked at understanding the material and did well on the exam but said ... I sure don't know how I will ever use that information  ... even how I will use a lot of the information I am acquiring at college ... HS was basically useless ... . 

LOL ... gosh it's fun to listen to them.  I sincerely can not imagine enjoying grandchildren more then I enjoy my children, adults now, they are still vastly pleasurable company.  

So ... Four and I talked a little bit about how much I enjoy aviation. She watched me "pouring myself" in to learning about so many different aspects of it. I started that journey just wanting to provide a "discovery flight" for two of my children who hadn't had the opportunity to fly before.  I didn't know that I was on the verge of something that would become important to me.  (Almost FIRC complete!)  It is good to have a great passion in life.  I told her that I believe what we "learn" about, where we spend our energy, our focus, can become a language via which God may help us grasp concepts which are more difficult.  Things we "know" may become, essentially, building blocks by which we come to better attend to "unknowns".  So many unknowns.  

This picture just pinged in.  I love that.  I love that we are able to connect with our people so immediately.  I love that "my people" text little random bits of their days to me.  I love the willingness to "touch", share.  I love receiving those easy little pics from the people I love. 

I'm too "emotional" to fly right now.  In fact ... I can't see myself ever flying again as an instructor.  Keeping the certif current is a matter of pride. And to be perfectly honest, I enjoy seeing those 100s stacking up as I complete the various FIRC chapters.  I'm a person who enjoys the gold stars.

Today I am content to be still here on the ground  ...  where we are experiencing solid OVC, I can't find even one tiny speck of blue.  But ... I know it's there just beyond a whispy layer ... and there may be several layers before I could/can feel/see "sunshine" (on my shoulder ... and a blue bird while we are wishing here).

I just sent Tommy a text to his iPad.  It said: Im sitting here looking at that picture of you.  It's very easy to imagine you looking up with a smile ... blowing a kiss.  I love you.
 It  really doesn't get better then that.  That's what I've learned from all this useless stuff ... The value in life is really found in the love that we are able to share with one another, from small acts of kindness all the way up to the huge sacrifices that strangers may make for another.

protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres ... loves


Mommy & Daddy said...

I will continue to offer flights to you. You are a joy to fly with. I love your perspective. I need that. You've provided a new outlook for my "issues" on several occasions. The biggest, concerning Samuel. You will fly again. I'll see to it. Love you.

DeAnn said...

It's that instruction aspect that I'm "letting go" of. I still would love to pick up the Glider Instructor but ... I may be past flying with newbies! We'll see, never say never! LY2