The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, September 28, 2014

substance transfigured

Just really quick notes, because that's all I have time for today.

From Matthew 17:14-23
About the father with a very sick son, maybe he was epileptic, at any rate, the disciples were unable to help (with healing).
Before that:
Three disciples and Jesus had just been up on the mountain top where Jesus "was seen" as He really is, transfigured before their eyes.  John Wesley seems to do a good job of explaining the text here.  The disciples were overcome with His glory and proposed to "stay right there" ... build some shrines.  So ... that was the mountain top experience ... then they came back down in to the valley where it seems most of us live.
What happened next was the desperate father thing ... . And I might ask, as a reader of the text, "Where is Jesus in all this sadness ... trouble ... grief?"
And ... for me, there is also that nagging question about "faith".  Why was my heart so certain that my brother was already in remission when ... the science of it indicates significant concerns with his liver?  How do I reconcile that and I'll just say now ... I don't know.   But, I'm thinking about it.

There is a marvelous quote in Tracey Kidder's book, Mountains Beyond Mountains : Healing the World : The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer ... gosh, I need to find it!  It's about the possibility of two diametrically opposed realities, coexisting without tension.  ummm ... I will find it, but just a bit later.
The idea I am attempting to express may be seen (as in maybe it can be seen ... idk, I'm not sure what I think yet) in the transfiguration of Christ ... as this:

And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.
And was transfigured — Or transformed. The indwelling Deity darted out its rays through the veil of the flesh; and that with such transcendent splendour, that he no longer bore the form of a servant. His face shone with Divine majesty, like the sun in its strength; and all his body was so irradiated by it, that his clothes could not conceal its glory, but became white and glittering as the very light, with which he covered himself as with a garment.*
yeah ... *Wesley

Maybe  ... [Jesus, the man] concurrent with [triune Godhead Jesus] as portrayed in the Gospels ... Maybe that expresses what I am trying to think about ... as: Man is not God and God is not man ... yet here,  in the person Jesus the Christ, we "see" both (God in an earthsuit).

One of the reasons why I really like this "story" is because regular guys (the disciples) got to see with their human eyes something which was not always so apparent.  They "saw" a spiritual reality which has more truth then anything I can sense with my earthsuit.  And ... I think it's cool that they got to hear the voice of God ... and He said something like "This is my Son, I am pleased with him, listen to him." (Wow) Then Jesus said Get up ... and don't be afraid. And then they started down the hill.

(I'm kinda rambling, I know ... I'm noting this over the course of several days.)

So ... nothing is different as far as who Jesus is, he is the same, but/and he is more readily perceived to be "just" a man.  He came back down the hill and immediate immersed himself in our lives ... right in the midst  of the sadness ... trouble ... and grief.  I think maybe "trying to see" Jesus busy in our lives may be exactly where the substance of faith gets tangled up.

a particular kind of matter with uniform properties.
the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists and which has a tangible, solid presence.

I know know there are all sorts of, bunches and bunches of, "real" things which I can not see.  And I know that those unseen real things are dynamic, rather than static, in nature.

Now it is Sunday again.  I started writing this Sunday past.

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