The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First day of Autumn.

A bird's empty nest was resting on the ground near the start of the trail where we walk.

My "away at college" daughter has been feeling bad and the doctor suspects endometriosis.  She has a sonogram scheduled tomorrow to check that out ... and seems so far away and maybe not quite as grown up as she really is.  I wish I could be there with her.

She's says it's no big deal.  I hope she is right.

The house is pretty well ... uh, functional  I guess is the word. I know where most things are.  My husband is working from home now and that is an interesting adjustment.  It will be really weird when he is away for several weeks in a row coming up pretty soon.  It's been really nice to have a walk buddy.

On Monday I went out to the airport to tour a new business that has opened up/is opening up out there.  We were at a city council meeting (great way to get your hand on the pulse of a new place) and saw this business presenting for approval of a few things that the city wanted to see happen.  Seemed interesting to me because I like airport stuff in general.  After the meeting L and I went out for lunch at a place that serves breakfast all day and just great lunches and dinners as appropriate.  My husband likes pancakes or waffles or other sweet breakfast things that I seem to not place on our table.  Anyway.  He ordered something scrumptious and I made due with the vegetarian plate (still working on those comfort calories I packed on last year).  Long story shorter ... the airport business guys showed up at the same restaurant, struck up a conversation with us, gave me a card and invited me out for a tour.  I finally got to it on Monday ... and as part of the expanded tour, I was introduced to someone who hired me to flight training on a part time basis.  They need flight instructors here.  Big shock.  I wasn't really hoping for a job, I haven't flown in a ... coming up on two years.  I thought that part of my life just was  ... done.  It's both exciting and somewhat intimidating to have an opportunity, the perfect hand to glove type opportunity for me.  They're glad to let me do contract instruction so I can make my own hours.  I feel that a few flights in the area with the chief there and I'll (probably) be good to go.  Things going that well makes me a bit nervous ... anxious maybe ... i'm more used to having to make my own way.  I am thankful, yet watchful.  I wish I could just be thankful.  I wish I was still that girl ... .  Here's an unreserved thankful for though ... during college I sang with people who mostly (probably I'm the only one who didn't) went on to become working musicians.  I love great Chorale music.  I love Classical music.  I pretty much love music of all types.  Where we lived there was not great music being performed.  My college upper strings professor conducted the symphony nearest to our home, but  for one reason or another, I never took him up on the offer of tickets.  My husband doesn't like music ... he doesn't like music at all.  I should have found a girlfriend to go to those things with ... looking back on it, but I didn't.  Gosh, sidetracked!   ~  I joined a wonderful group of singers who meet and perform a few times a year right here!  My high school voice teacher who went on to a university post actually knows the conductor.  Music is a small world.  I am very happy to have the opportunity to visit in that world.  I knew my junior year in college that I better change my major because I am/was definitely not a performer and I couldn't see myself teaching kids.  I love that there are people who live that out as a "calling" ... !  We've had two rehearsals.  I am so happy.  And ... a new dress is involved  AND it is to be long and black!  How fun!  I love long black gowns and I have had no need for one in over 30 some odd years.  I do like
group performances.  I do like the sense of "flow".  I adore those gay singing men with their pithy comments and wry senses of humor who are completely devoid of interest in me.  Other then the actual music I think I've missed the fun of those guys most.  Then the lovely dress up time!

So ... Autumn is here.  I'm glad I'm here to enjoy it!

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gretchenjoanna said...

That choral group sounds splendid! And the dress!