The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, September 5, 2015

~ Muir

looking at possible build sites
this house has a nice view ...
lots on either side are available

the walk up to the dam
I enjoy cloud shadows as in this shot
nervous black faced squirrels
(and I think all manner of slithering thing)
 live in this rock wall.
We saw the Walk in the Woods movie last night.  Lots of it was shot at places where we have walked along the trail.  Gosh it's pretty.  I liked that the movie was able to capture a bit of the wonder one experiences upon trudging up to a "view".  John Muir observed "How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!" I particularly like the feeling of walking in the clouds, seeing the movie recalled that.  It is interesting to think about being exclusively with someone, a one person sort of someone, for days on end ... walking and talking.  Mostly walking, there's the weird diet and not so great sleeping accommodations.  Snakes.  Bears.  Bugs. The occasional luxury of an outhouse.

I think the most pivotal planning decision would be who one walks with.

From that thought I think of the idea that each of us is indeed "walking".  We walk cosseted in everyday luxuries ... and distractions (like work, like whatever we do when we are not walking, or sleeping, eating delicious little meals).  We didn't do much walking of the trail. ours were all day trips looking towards the possibility of longer stays out there.  I was up for it, but "real life", my walking buddy's day job, precluded serious planning.  We dabbled.  I think a leg of the trail, done as a block, would represent a shedding of everything save what is truly essential and spending that time, the walking time, mostly quiet.  To me it seemed to be an interior journey ... I wanted to do it then.  I'm not so sure that I'd be up for it now.

Now, I think, just the realization that I am a walking buddy to the people right around me will be enough to work with.  And, I'm really glad that none of my people are super annoying like the girl in the movie was.
blooming cactus 

Recently making a few adjustments to minimize annoyances, those little irritants that can pop up and wreck havoc on the peace of the day  I'm thinking a bit about having dropped my brother's Facebook page from my friend list.  It was a bit difficult to take that step.  The posts coming from that connection are not his though.  And, lol, another recent mind occupying aggravation was the result of a Facebook connection.  I am trying to spend my time thinking about the right stuff.
 ... on Tommy's page I inadvertently saw  "posts" asserting that he is now manifesting as a dragonfly, or a green dot visible in a photo light distortion, or someone has named their little sissy dog after him (what a wonderful honor that is, to be remember by the sort of dog who yaps continuously ... ) or most recently, a startling blue image of his face floating eerily in what looks like a crystal trophy ... creepy, tacky.  I get that it is someone's way of dealing with their grief ... the fact that it adds to mine without diminishing theirs is what I'm attempting to address by "unfriending" my brother.  It smarts.  It's stupid.  He is dead.  He will always be my brother-friend.  I think of him amused by the silliness of this.  He wasn't one to post his personal business on Facebook, ironically, his page is now a receptacle for all manner of ... stuff.  
... the other was a passing unintentional text conversation with a person I would likely never spend much time with focusing on a mutual faux-acquaintance who I probably would enjoy sharing a little time with.  I wound up annoyed about the whole thing and it was just silliness on my part to be drawn in.  Best to spend time on people who you actually do spend time with I think, people who want to spend time with you. Time is my "love language".  You don't get to create more time ... time is precious.   We indicate what we value by where we spend our time  and I am very aware of the fact that we don't know how much time we might have left.  I'd surely not want the idea of spending time with/on me to be seen as something to put on someone's chore list. I do have people who I am obligated to see, but ... I don't really spend much time with/on them.   It makes me laugh to think that to someone I might be like that very annoying girl who another walker expends energy trying to shed, as that scene in the movie.  She really was obnoxious. 

Bird feeders as seen from the living room
very enjoyable for me

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.~ Muir

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