The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

weekend fun

Texas Monthly magazine proclaimed  SNOW'S bbq to be the finest in the entire State back in 2008,  I guess Franklin's in Austin now holds that title ... Snow's must be at the top of the list with lotsa people still.  I mean, how do you get a line to form as early as 9:00 on a dusty Saturday morning in a middle of nowhere small town Texas?  That's what they do though.  The line was moving steadily astflies buzzed about and cattle packed in at the nearby action yard bemoaned a change of circumstance. We arrived at 10:30.  I didn't know I was starving to death 'til I smelled the brisket.  Yum.  
A guy working there said Mr. Snow's kids are Aggies when I asked about the marking on the pits.  He said they get a lot of Longhorns in here eating Aggie BBQ.  I bet.
People were even waiting to have their pictures taken here, on this bench below the iconic sign.
We enjoyed our meal outside in the open air.
Ms.  Tootsie Tomanetz  was gracious enough to stop what she was doing to accommodate photo ops with fans ... I noticed Mr.Snow could barely get from one side of the place to the next without stopping to have his picture snapped.

I thanked him when we were leaving and was struck by the genuineness resonating in his voice when he said they sure hoped everything was ok.

I loved it.  The ribs were my very favorite so far and honestly, I doubt anyone can cook 'em more to my liking.  Larry said he still prefers Mueller's (in Taylor).  I think it's that he doesn't want to drive me clear across the country for ribs but he say's it's because Mueller's is heavier on the smoke which he prefers.

Next we walked down the street to see what all the fussing was about at the auction house cows and their dust and stink as far through and beyond the shed as I could see.  There were bulls in pens all alone that were bigger than my car ... at least they appeared so.

Next we drove on beyond the middle of nowhere, down dirt roads bordered by tall grass and an occasional closed fence for our scheduled tour of Sand Creek Farm and Dairy.  We  enjoyed our time at the farm.  I wanted to learn about Aquaponics which is one of Ben Godfrey's specialties, and his informal talk was very informative.  I didn't know we were in for the treat of becoming acquainted with his family. They were precious.  The wagon ride was a complete surprise and I loved being where beautiful horses would walk right up to me.  At the end of the tour we saw his dairy operation and I sampled raw milk (tasted like ice cream) and delicious farmstead cheese and yogurt.  We left feeling like aquaponics would be doable for us on the small scale that we are interested in ... also that we'd met a friend.

Rolling up to Sand Creek Farm makes you wish you never had to return the city. Specializing in Aquaponics, Ben and Alysha Godfrey’s oasis outside Cameron, TX is also home to vegetable fields, fruit trees, cows, horses, chickens, geese and a dairy. Oh and their gaggle of children! The Godfrey’s have been farming their land for over 6 years and have officially made the transition from city folk to farmers. ~ per Sarah in Farm Heroes, Greenling Central, Texas

Farmer Feature: Sand Creek Farm & Dairy

Walburg Restaurant
I thought it was to be a German buffet  ...
seemed like a buffet in a little German town
Sunday lunch out.

After lunch we drove in to Austin for a walk around.  Great day ... best weekend fun.

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