The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rose vine creeping above roof line ... Oak leafed out almost overnight.
Everything grows here!
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Lots of people around here are hoping for rain.  Everyone has had enough of the pollen.  Just looking at current conditions, I don't hold out much hope for rain early today.  Maybe later ... the breeze is making promises ... maybe something is blowing in.

I have been really busy with my little part-time job.  It surprises me that just a few hours a day taken away from home time and put elsewhere makes a significant difference on, well, pretty much everything.  I feel like I am running behind on all the homemaking things that usually seem quite effortless.  A couple of days ago I misted the bathroom tiles with bleach and then left for the day.  Coming back in to the house later it seemed like someone had been cleaning!  The new scrub brush remains untouched though!  Probably I will find time today!

It's just great to sit right here watching the wind ruffle the rose vine.  Little pink petals waft in the air and a momma bird is busy building a nest right there under the eaves.  I am glad to see the rose vine still appeals ... I love watching the process from nest building all the way through to when the baby birds make flight.  I moved the bird feeder to the back porch where Sammy's presence intimidates the squirrels.  I do miss my pretty glass barometer, haven't found one to replace it yet.  Nesting birds more then compensate for the changes though.  Joy.

My diet has gone astonishingly well.  Bought some new smaller jeans a few weeks ago and now they are at least one size too big.  My dream weight can't be more then two weeks away.  I'm feeling that deep seated need I have to line out a schedule that will organize my day ... still haven't figured out exactly where exercising fits.  20 mins here and 20 minutes there really may be the best I can do ... the material says I need to break a sweat and 20 minutes doesn't do that.  These last couple of days I have cheated on my diet some ... butter is the culprit.  Yesterday it was Brussel Sprouts in that darkened butter with capers (delish) the day before Vidalia onions simmered with squash and a stick of butter ... not all for me, but I did have seconds!  Butter is pretty yummy.  Ha!  I am watching myself now though!  Last week I lost 4 pounds, I sure don't want to gain it back.  The other thing with the diet is I am supposed to drink about a gallon of water every day. That takes a conscious effort even for me (water has been my preferred beverage).  I almost never drink coffee anymore.  It surprises me that I don't even miss it.  On Sundays I make a small pot in the press, but it doesn't hit the spot.  I guess any habit can be broken with effort.  Even though I didn't consume very much sugar before, the places where I did enjoy it (in coffee) bring no joy without it.  I am so glad I wasn't a soft drink addict.  The bread aisle at the supermarket makes me feel slightly nauseous ... missing the flour tortillas a bit because of habit rather then taste (that and they are excellent conveyors of butter and guacamole, lol) ... turns out a fork works well with fajitas too.

Kittens ... doing very well.  We really enjoy hosting them.  Now they are at that adorable trouncing, rolling around together stage.  All three of them seem to have selected a favorite human.  Husband wondered, do you choose your pet or do they chose you? It looks like we will have to keep two of them ... the other has found a home with one of our adult children.  Sammy has accepted them well.  It is so much fun to see him with them.  He is just slightly interested, he looks at me like What?!?  I just feed them I answer ... barely even notice how amusing they can be ... think liter box I tell him.  He is pouting a bit.

Now the best news ... Momma's new place is almost ready.  Her move in date is imminent and Tommy is handling all the big stuff.  L and I will drive over as soon as we can get away and spend some time helping her get settled in. It will be great to see family and friends.  I miss my buddygirl especially.  Looking forward to the drive over and also spending some time meandering around Texas.  We have a couple of places that we especially want to see.  Larry seems to be set on moving back when he completes his commitment here ... I am ambivalent about moving away from the general area where I think my children may live.  The economy in Texas is so much stronger then many parts of the country, that is a big draw for my husband ... I am thinking about the possibility of grandildren.  I like spending time with my kids so I know I will love being a grandmom.  Time will tell.

That's about it ... still trying to find time to finish the two books I have going.  
look me in the eye, my life with asperger's (John Elder Robinson) has been a very interesting story  ... I'd recommend it even to people not particularly interested in Autism Spectral  anomalies.  It's autobiographical, and the guy rocks.  My other book Man's Search for Meaning  (Viktor Frankl) just deserves my full attention, I may need to start again at the beginning and read it though on the road trip.  It is a great work in my opinion.

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