The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just today

Day Lily ... moved to a better place just a little bruised

in large planter looking good
I wake up around five every morning with my feet moist from the adrenaline rush induced by the anxiety dream.  This morning it was a huge spaceship with a rainbow inspired paint scheme.  I think it was trying to vacuum people up from a field.  I tucked myself down and had it been slow, we might describe it as a crawl, but I was speeding down to the cover of the tree line on all fours.  My dreams, umm nightmares, have always informed me that I am a survivor. A survivor who has to hop out of bed and head straight for the shower!

Maybe I have those intense dreams from time to time because my life, while somewhat crowded with activity, is pretty mundane (in a good way).  Today I am tasked with straightening out the garage closet and starting on the garden shed for the lady I do odd jobs for.  I enjoy her and I enjoy the work quite a bit.  When I "straighten" something in her home it seems very likely that it will stay that way for a while.  I like that a lot.  Here, in my home, there are many different sensibilities at (work and) play.  And of course I did not insist on the OCD style of order that I actually prefer.  I thought it would make my kids weird and I don't know that I have any advice to younger self from this vantage point were that  even possible.  We all do the best we can I think.  I love the idea of that ... I'm remembering a conversation from a lifetime ago ... I said, "I just want to do my best", and he said, "So do your best, your best for right that minute may not be your best ever, well, it won't be, but it will be your best and that is the best you can possible do."  It made me smile.  I smile now remembering.
ready to be planted
beds also ready and waiting

So today ... I have my little job then I have a ton of errands for our stuff.
Five flats of bedding plants wait in the front bed.
Dishwasher, with the door now open, is half emptied and breakfast dishes are on the counter top.
I moved several day lilies this morning and I need another quick shower before work.
I promised the CFI who did the flight review with me last week a batch of chocolate chip cookies (recipe to follow).  Sure would like to get that done today!
Pick up waiting at pharmacy (they text when ready and remind til it's off their shelf).
L tasked me with a little errand that will take at least an hour and was disappointed when I said I might be covered up time wise today.  I'd like to get that taken care of for him.
Fabric selected from memos I picked up on Friday.  Need to measure chairs so I can get the fabric when I'm up that way on Friday. (Yes I am excited and just a bit intimidated by the upholstery job.  I know I can do it, but I'm not sure how until I crack a chair open and see how the last guy did it... .)
I lovelovelove how the floors look and feel after being "Sharked", steam cleaned, and the device is within view from where I sit!
I'm behind on correspondence, and I have a package to  put together and mail to my campers (I do have the box ... empty tho).
And ... I have a bit of reading I'd like to do before Sunday school.  That's on my mind and the book is in my bag just in case.
Last night I signed up saying I would give orientation flight to children two days next week
Also committed to go to some training session for the day this Saturday (I don't really know what to expect there and I'm not a fan of unprepared).  That's CAP stuff.  I figure it out as I go, but that's not my preferred modus operandi (and may be where the bad dreams are coming from, lol)
I also committed to IP and check pilot school for three days in late July and maybe something for the Saturday after the Fourth.
needs to be "cleaned" up and re-planted in new spot
day lily

I love hydrangeas
all of the varieties are just great
this little lovely has some rust colored spots on her leaves
need to check in to that
also... these are really supposed to be blue so they want something in their soil...

I think I may need to schedule a spa day with buddy girl, but for now I need to hit the ground running!

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