The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday again ... here it is:

visited with Four on Saturday
great to see her
ready set happy for the summer
the water is so still that it appears to be sky
love the surreal quality of this shot
a little close-up

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
native to this area and swarming with bees
I love the looks of these
and have a successful transplant in my garden this year!

This is actually two thankfuls
one ... those three kittens are such a joy
they are all in my lap here and purring
I appreciate the opportunity to have this time with them
kittens are delightful
Sammy wandered in right after this pic was snapped 
and very gently nudged one of them off of my lap
they follow him around playing with his tail 
and trying to get his attention
also just great to watch them running up a tree and scampering back down
very impressive
two ... this chair, I bought two of them 
at a local resale shop
most comfy chairs I've ever sat in
perfect really
- looking for the right fabric for these two beauties,
and an air compressor to drive the staple gun
they will be a pretty big project and will require
a tool upgrade 
(love thinking about how many 
different tools
 can be run off that compressor 
I've been wanting forever and can now justify)
here is one of them (this will be the before shot)

and this
I love the idea of this
 it's of Crazy Horse (NPR link)
the work began in 1948, 
I learned of it while sitting in a third grade class room
(that and the Moog Synthesizer, which took up a city block and was the grandfather of electronic sound, ummm, musical sound as in AC/DC ... Switched on Bach circa 1969ish, third grade and the Moog download were years before that, btw, 3rd grade was my favorite year of early ed)
anyway, getting sorta distracted there sitting here tapping out from this very large easy chair
...the century has long since turned and I still remember that day:
Reading the Weekly Reader I came upon the epic tale of this mountain sculpture
(it said a man would be able to stand in the shelf of CH's ear and I thought,
 "Wowie!  I have got to see that!"
Here I am almost 50 year later,
"googling" it on my phone while sitting outside drinking coffee with a friend
the device in my hand doesn't even know it is a descendent of MOOG, but I think it must be.
I still want to see the statue, unfinished as it may be.
I am circling back around for the things I want to do.
a 1/34 scale model in the foreground

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