The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sheila Finch

Sheila Finch

Gerhard Richter
When  One moved back home during his undergraduate years we, thinking that bunking him back in with the younger brother was not the best option, decided to move everything out of our living room and separate it from our dining room with a wall of closets and bookshelves.  It worked very well though it did help to create a third world feel about the place.  I stopped just short of cooking hibachi style out on the front porch ... yeah.  Anyway, furniture was moved here and there in aide of emptying the room (and the dining room when little sister popped back in...).  The garage became full of other things, the den was packed, etc.  All to say:  I am super happy to have ordered my new couch, to be delivered the first week in July.  Yea!  Between now and then the fabric for those two huge easy chairs occupies my imagination.  I have settled on a grey with a bit of cream interest (yeah, haven't seen it yet, will know it when I do, trip to King Cotton on the calendar), and it will be a very restrained presentation with the exception of the pillow (I can see them dressed all different ways ... what great lines they have).  The pillow on each will have a coral side with a monogram and possibly on the other side I will stripe in the black and cream combination of the other chairs in the room.  I may even see a perfect welt cord, but I imagine it will be the grey of the chair.  Conservative with an undeniable shot of the unexpected ... traditional yet full of surprises (just like me).  Can't wait to find the fabrics and get started!  I am also very excited about the wing back that is patiently waiting in the garage.  I've decided on some very happy color to pop it.  Don't know what yet, but probably a blue/green.
Which brings me to these art pieces ... I love the sky thing I painted for the dining room, but I want to have another painting to trade out over there during the warm time of the year.  I want to paint something that has a lot of different colors in it, something very saturated as these examples are.  As neutral as the furnishing in the room are something vibrant on the focal wall would work well.
Now I am saving up for the coffee table that I want, a welded frame base with a granite top, a lamp to replace the one broken before it is discontinued, or a pair of something else. and pillows for the couch.  And the area rug, rolled up in the garage, will need to be professionally cleaned.  I think I can get all that done before the end of August.  That is my current goal.
Speaking of current goals ... I weighed in yesterday at my "only in my dreams, fantasy weight".  Mission accomplished.  I think I can see another possible five pounds to go from here, my girls are starting to whisper "anorexic" and while I do tend to lock on to what I'm doing, I am certain that I won't take weight loss too far.  Pretty soon the gym I am a member of will open and I know I will switch gears to building muscle mass and endurance for my old age (I have a long term plan in mind, it began with getting my before five pregnancies body back and my next step is to get in shape for 5Ks which I imagine myself running with Two and Four  though neither of them are on board with that right now...well, maybe I will have the opportunity to walk the trail, this will help with that).
Well ... gotta get to the day!


downeyseven said...

Congratulations! You have spurred me on and I am down 15 lbs. You go, girl.

DeAnn said...

That is Awesome!!!
I'm sure we could find a matrix for how many long and short term benefits are acquired by easing 15 pounds off the bod ... high five! YOU go girl!!