The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Pics from Sunday just past ... a good day as we celebrated a birthday.

Today has been for me the laziest day I can remember having.  Rain, moving up from the Gulf has been continuous, ranging from a light, showery, almost diffused precip (I look outside now to see it so with bits of crystal dripping from the rose vine), to the torrential downpour which woke me up this morning. It has rained hard a few times today.  I've enjoyed looking at the bands as I explore functionally on ForeFlight - what an amazing coupling of technology and engineering.  Very cool.

Today was supposed to be about removing monkey grass and re-setting iris tubers.  My old body aches from beginning that project  a couple of days ago, so the rain day brings some relief! I continue to be tired.  And maybe just a bit fretful ... anxious (which is very rare for me).

Let's talk about these cats.  I do not particularly lean towards cats.  Matter of fact, if Sammy could be my only companion animal for the rest of my life, I would feel quite blessed enough.  He is an awesome dog.  We came to make room for a cat because our children wished it so.  Then, Four showed up with the box of three kittens and there really was no good reason to say no.  I thought we would help them along, pick out one to keep around and send the other two to happy situations.  Then, the cats selected people and worked some kinda feline sorcery on them.  Not I, of course, I just feed them and look after the liter box ... and try to reassure Sammy that he is still the cat's meow. Bottle feeding them was no big deal.  It was neat to see them thriving and to help them along was really special.  One of them is across the room purring right now, earlier today two of them were snuggled up on the couch with me keeping my feet warm ... they are very chilled most of the time.  Sometimes they play and that is great fun to watch.
I was sad when the one kitten died.  Sad especially for my girl, but it was a difficult time for us all.
So ... there are three little black cats in this picture.  Our original box load was two black and one grey striped, their eyes were barely open.  It was very strange set of circumstances that brought the third black kitten into our home.
The day after Storm died my girl was scheduled for a week at camp which we all decided she should do.  I drove her up, dropped her off, and came back for her five days later.  Her big sister is a cabin leader there this summer and she told me that a little skin and bones scaredy cat had wandered up in the middle of the night before and might I consider taking him home with me (Mom, there's no where else for him we can't care for him here and with another batch of campers arriving in a few short hours from now no one can leave to take him to a shelter this isn't a replacement kitten for Storm but Mom he is so tiny and helpless and I think someone has been hurting him because he hides and won't let anyone find him but he really is very sweet). After "meeting" him I said the least I could do was take him to our local shelter.  He is still here.  The other cats adopted him.  He spent a few days hiding out but hunger coaxed him into the open spaces of our home.  He has been Frontline-d, named, and sports a little red collar.  I'm making an appointment for getting him in to the vet this week sometime.  I guess he is ours.

So ... I'm thinking about something when I see them all piled up together.  Storm's death was an accident comparable in randomness to a mid-air collision.  He darted under someone's foot as they carried a load of BBQ out to grill. Two blind steps off the back porch on to the patio and he was gone.
Because we loved him, we missed him.  He helped us learn that we had room for three cats around here (LittleBit will move out with Two pretty soon).  Him being here and then not being here made it possible for us to open our door and hearts to a little abused kitten.  It's very sweet to see him coming along.

I've been thinking about how something bad/sad (maybe even something epic bad/sad) is frequently a gateway for good.  In general, I have been ... uh not worrying, more like how someone can feel "weather" coming in in their bones, how something about the change in atmospheric pressure alerts animals and sometimes people to big storms ... I feel something I can't identify blowing about.

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