The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thinking about LOVE from Oct.2011

Looking back and thinking back over some of the thoughts I've had, and conclusions I've half reached on the notion of love (which I really didn't want to think about in the first place ... ).  Lewis' work, FOUR LOVES was a good study to read, it helped me organize my thinking on the semantics.  It is a shame when words can't quite convey significance.

Love is wrapped in a lot of other words and I believe those words must be carefully arrived at, forged with purified truth ... that's a process, purification, and maybe love makes room for that.  I think that's where we mess up a lot of times.  We want the words to be true ... and probably even eternally true, but maybe we just either don't want to do the work of love or maybe we just aren't up to the effort that love requires.  It does kinda wear one out.
Little loves are easier ... and little lusts which may present themselves as little loves, like little sparks they offer the potential of becoming ... uh, more ... they promise something but I think they don't appear to have anything to do with the huge idea of eternal echoes. Little lusts want to be sneaky like that, maybe they become a fire that consumes, maybe they become a fire that purifies, maybe they  are a bit of both.  I personally think lust is lovely, it just has a mind of it's own sometimes ... sometimes it is not good company for life, much less love.  (That's what I think.)
Some of the little loves are like Cheetos (I love Cheetos ... not the icky orange residue ... and not the empty bag, always empty before it fills me up ... but yeah, they melt in my mouth, or crunch ... they leave the experience entirely up to me and ask for nothing even while they insist on hanging around as unsightly ... lol, love handles, too perversely funny ... I hate Cheetos ... nasty little unsatisfying empty anti-nutritional calories ... yeah, good only for stroking cravings ... yummy yuk ).
Some of the little loves are more substantial ... little only by size as something elemental [Primary or basic: "elemental features from which structures are compounded"],  as something overlooked or unseen, as the electrical wiring which leads to the outlets and light switches in my house.  I take the comforts facilitated by electricity for granted and I am amazed at the ingenuity the idea of an empty Coke bottle plugged in to a structure to provide light ...unimaginable to a person who knows only the ease of flipping the lights on at will (I love those 3 way bulbs ...  and dimmers ... love dimmers).  Okay, smaller then electrical stuff, small like baby steps ... small like DNA (smaller then DNA).
I want love to be a shelter, more then a vessel.  I want it to do the bigger work of love ... more on that later.

My time is up for now.
Quick tiny note:  I absolutely adored flying yesterday.  I sat to offer guidance and basically keep the guy safe while he figured some flying stuff out.  Fun for me to figure out the most useful way to present what seems to me to be very basic (elemental) flying stuff.  It's interesting to see how many ways one can screw up a very vanilla landing ... first this then that and how difficult it can be to make the adaptions to get the monkeys back in the barrel ... and how intuitively easy it is/was for someone with plenty of landings, not that the next one might just suck, just that it was cool to add just a schoosh of juice to keep the the gear healthy ... stuff like that.  It was fun to see someone working at baby steps, and to offer a timely hand.

It was really cool to remember hands I have reached for during some of  my own baby steps ... I think of those hands today and smile.

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