The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just a quick note here ...

Husband is in the best, long running, upbeat mood I've ever experienced with him over the past thirty years. It's like everything has lined up well for him. Very interesting and cool. He is excited about his work and that seems to make everything sparkle for him. I need to set my concerns aside and get some "thrilled for him" on, because I am thrilled for him. It's good when you get towards the end of a career path to have a good ride. It's pretty much always on his mind and flavoring his disposition. Excellent ... I can see him confused about why I am unable to join the party on this ... And I am trying to get my happy shoes on while at the same time, I can't pretend I haven't had a major disappointment. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could be in sync ... Well, maybe not ... It would be almost unbearable if his stuff was in the crapper right now! I guess what I'm really saying is wouldn't it be great if everyone was on the mountain tops at the same time ... And getting to stay there for awhile. And while I write that I feel the shame of whining about something so insignificant except for the significance I ascribe to it. I recognize that I have the luxury of this being important, where for many others simply surviving or keeping as well as possible is at the front of their concerns. I'm thinking of all those guys overseas who have very little control over their days as they face dangers and unrelenting tedium. What do I get to do today?

Walking Sammy for a couple of hours and I'll be listening to a pod cast of pretty much anything I chose ... I know that's fortunate. I'll choose either Dan Carlins hardcore history or James McDonald's ministry stuff ... Undecided.
I've already done most of my housework, but there are a couple of small things yet ... My house is clean and cool and relatively safe ... Very fortunate.
Lunch with a former student who I really enjoy.
This afternoon I'm going to stock up on flour and sugar, because the lady at the grocery store told me this is the time when prices on baking items are best. Wasn't that nice of her to share that info with me ... that's how people around here are. Because I love the smell of bread baking ... And I was very sweetly reminded of that last week ...Have decided to learn how to rock homemade bread fixin'. Surely that is a luxury.
I get to work in my flowerbeds later today and for some reason which is beyond me, having my hands in the dirt is very soothing.
Husband has a Biz/social thing tomorrow evening so I'm thinking about what to wear ... nails and hair ... girl stuff ... lots of fun because I really like that sort of thing, and he is so appreciative of how comfortable I am with those sort of things.
Tonight is family eating out night, and I've heard that a different venue is to be selected ... Grateful for that because the wings joint feels like a rut to me. Fortunate that we can eat out so often.
This is a big deal to me too ... Husband said call the plumber to fix my water hose spigots for the front yard. "No outlets" have kept me from planting bedding plants ... Which feels kinda sad and neglectful ... So I am very happy about seeing to that. Pansies in the near future as the weather cools.
I can fly for fun this Sunday afternoon. It's very fortunate that we can afford that.
Everything really important ... health ... enough of everything ... no worries.
Someone I know is buying a plane to instruct in, and that airplane will be available for me to also enjoy ... Can't really beat that. I'm trying pretty hard to re-boot myself. Just the fact that I can do that is something to be thankful for.
I remember when we first got Internet ... the house was quiet and I could look up anything I wanted to ... in the whole wide world! As a child, I would take an encyclopedia down and just read wherever it opened at ... or the National Geographics that my parents kept. I probably sat there in front of the screen for thirty minutes just trying to decide what to look up ... Hahaha ... Finally chose the telescopes in Hawaii ... I wanted to know if they webcam-ed any thing (they did). I was almost overwhelmed by the luxury of information available at my fingertips. That's kinda how it is now ... except I have the luxury of time. I really want to use it gracefully ... thankfully ... respectfully. Other people are keeping my country safe ... and my little world safe. Other people are providing all the wonderful things like clean water and cool air and gas for my awesome stove ... good schools ... groceries ... all the wonderful things that are easy to take for granted ... . Other people are giving bits of themselves and because of that I have time on my hands. I don't want to squander any of it ... pouting. I really want to move through this sad to somewhere that I can contribute whatever it is that I have to make a difference with ... and I'm pretty sure it's not pissy pants.

I have accidentally torn up my hands in the kitchen. I have mandolin cuts on several fingers and small burns on the others ... that is a sure sign of distracted! I need to get back on board! Life is good.

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