The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Basic Airwork - hot coffee and stability Sept 2009

I woke up during the night thinking about "basic air work". Essentially it is this - handling the airplane well...consciously practicing handling the plane well. In my log book there is a space where the CFI "signs" dual lesson and makes notes about what the lesson was about (commercial maneuvers, controlled field, emergency procedures etc.) - sometimes I make a note there (CJ go 'round 18 for collision avoidance, safety pilot w/, or unusual items of interest to me). Out of all those lines in my logbook - out of all of those places where someone may have written - basic air work - it is written only once. I wrote it. What I saw and realized I saw was basic air work is "basic". But we don't do much of that - we "go" out and practice lazy eights or steep spiraling descent. We practice the maneuvers that are in place as a vehicle to demonstrate our proficiency at handling the plane well in various flight regimes. What I've noticed (duh) is that when you handle the plane well - you fly the maneuvers pretty well. I really concentrate on basic air work now...I am always thinking about what could be adjusted what tiny little correction might be made ... I like the small stuff. What I want to do is remember that when it is my turn to instruct a student. We get so goal oriented in life that we neglect the basics - the foundational acts that make the "stuff" work well. I wonder what the basics are in my life. I think they may be different from one life to least slightly different. I am going to try to list some but even as I think about this I realize that they are probably those "fruits of the spirit" mentioned in several different places in the Bible. Tiny tiny tiny on the inside of my wrist under the bracelet that is usually there I have frequently written (in pen)protects,trusts,hopes,perseveres. I think love may be - no it is - it must be "basic life work". I have been discovering that it is not always very easy to love. 1cor13
Now it is that time of day when I help my kids roll out. I sorta dread the commotion bc the girls have been on a fussfest of late.

Later - another note on this. I really wish I had taken notes on some of the exercises my best CFI presented as training experiences. One that I think was particularly helpful was a specific speed/specific rate of descent. I just wish I could remember exactly how he taught me what he taught me. I will probably remember as time goes on and I get to start teaching. I can see myself getting better and better at teaching them in the class room and that makes me feel good.
I like working with the beginning students quite a bit. It is really great to see different ways of working with different people paying off for them.

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