The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Okay ... So now I know that there are plenty of wonderful ice and glacier findings in Alaska ... as regrettable as it is, looks like I might have to save Argentina's magnificent glaciers for another life time ... there are bunches of cool things to see and so little time to imagine!

Today has been pretty terrific. This morning's coffee was perfect and that's nothing to just take for granted! I know I should be drinking herbal tea 'stead of, but that hasn't quite caught up with me yet ... I like hot tea ... I lovame some sweet light steaming joe.
Church was interesting and God knows one must not take that for granted. The preacher, a visiting speaker ... spoke on Ps 139. I am going to be thinking about that scripture set ... it's pretty precious and reminded me of things I want to think about and note later ... in August I believe. Lunch was awesome. L grilled fillet mignon and veggie kabobs. I prepared a really good cous cous with dried mango, tart dark red cherries ... cherry red right? ... Dried pineapple, those crazy yummy Hawaian nuts - can't remember their name because they are too high calorie to get friendly with ... cayenne pepper and garlic ... I actually had the bad manners to say it was my best ever right there at the table in front of everyone. Even I was surprised! Three came home with a sack full of the prettiest cucumbers I have ever seen ... so nice without the wax ... I sliced 'em up and he finished them with sea salt and balsamic vinaigrette. Lunch was nice ... still seems a bit quiet w/o One. We had company ... an 18 year old friend who knows pretty much everything I want to know about BMWs. I really want the 535i ... That's about all the trouble I can hold the reins on ... We're looking at the factory loved up preowned ones ... The price is still staggering! The best fit for me ... Should say my wish list ... Is up in Chicago for around 40K. That's a decent airplane almost. Maybe I need to start building that cool 1960s pickup truck!
This afternoon I started my research on ice bergs ... who knew they could be so beautiful and complex. I watched two Nova specials and that's gotten me started. There are so many cool things happening on the planet. I'll be doing notes on that later, but did learn that only 10% of the ice is above the water line usually. Ummm ... Icebergs are amazingly beautiful. One picture showed water as solid, vapor, and liquid ... and had an effervescent shimmering amid all that white ... So amazing. I sure would like to see that with my own eyes. Alaska may be the best kept secret out there!
Then I went to a concert with Four ... One of her bffs is back from church choir tour and it was the finale performance. Very sweet ... Afterwards she persuaded a friend to accompany her for a few little songs. She wanted to sing for me and it was such a treat. I drove home alone ... With a big smile in my heart.
Tomorrow I have a ton of housework to do. I'm looking forward to getting everything ship shape.
It was really neat to take that old lady up. She was totally tuned in and I woulda loved to let her fly the plane, but her hands were virtually inop ... Her body would bend only at the elbows, hips and neck ... and one knee. It was very difficult getting her in to the plane, but we managed. It woulda been really tricky to pop her out of there if an emergency had required it ... turns out I was a lot more concerned with causing heat stroke ... Yeah ... So hot during ground ops. She was such a pleasure to see once we got up in the air and I stopped worrying about her. She was glowing ... That radiant kind of glowing. That flight alone may be worth most of the effort of the last couple of years. The ride was smooth ... perfect. Every phase of the flight went well. Her head set keep on slipping off and I kept on resetting it ... . The deal with a small plane is you really do get to enjoy a lot of freedom ... She loved the turns ... I remembered to tell her that I would be pulling power for the descent, but it still snuck up on her a bit. She didn't like the descent as much even though I was mindful to make it ... Well, just 200fpm. The airplane was practically looking at me like are we going to land today or not! I sat her down so sweet the transition was flawless. She was so happy.

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