The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is what I'm thinking ... I know I want to wake up every morning looking forward to something to do that day ... I like to do stuff ... I like to see things "done".  Housework is not horrible, but it's really not very rewarding ... and, I'm caught up on the big projects (except the garage which I'm not sure I want to tackle ... the stuff out there is heavy... and it's really hot out there ... and ... ) ... if I don't have a job flight instructing by the end of September, I'm going to find a different job.  Knowing that makes me feel a lot better.  The open ended-ness of this is driving me bonkers!  I have the opportunity to do ... something ... call it constructed relevance ... there must be something useful for my time.
Today ... Sammy took an hour and twenty minutes to do a hour walk ... even first thing early (before coffee kinda early) it was hot hot hot.  I am a little worried about the pads of his feet ... I'm staying just in our neighborhood which is mostly shady.  We gotta walk ... ! 
At the water park today with V I had a wonderful time floating in the lazy river and watching clouds form and build ... nothing substantial, but when we first got there there wasn't a cloud in the sky ... well a few wisps of icy cirrus but nothing lower ... when we left a couple hours later we had probably 3/8 coverage.  She had a great time floating ... pulling me along ... laughing at boys her age showing off in the wave pool ... and racing me up several flights of stairs so we could blur down the curling water slides.  I was begging for a break due to more small slices of skin missing with each run ... you're supposed to keep your ankle cross and you arms also crossed over your chest ... well ... that is pretty boring.  She was unrelenting, declaring,"You know it's totally worth it Mom!"  Uh ... maybe.  I am wondering why the fiberglass slides have burrs ... I'm wondering if they are failing ... .  We have a summer pass so I'm sure I'll have bunches of opportunities to conduct high speed inspections.  I loved floating on my back in the gently moving water looking at the sky ... watching it change and playing guessing games with the contrails ... it wasn't very windy up in the flight levels today ... simple pleasures.
The picture here ... appetizer for Sunday lunch. Grilled shrimp.  For some reason I really like to pop these oysters open.  I like how they look closed ... all the stuff that attaches to them ... the muted colors are very pleasing for some reason.  Those delicious little Mexican limes and the spiciest red sauce ever ... yummy.

I made peach sorbet and vanilla ice cream for dessert. The peaches were so perfectly ripe that the fuzz just burst right off of them ... people around here are pretty proud of the Chilton county peaches ... idk ... .  The new ice cream makers sure make it an non-event. Nothing says summer like homemade ice cream though.
Oh! Almost forgot ... there is a cardinal sitting on a new nest in the rose vine.  Pretty soon there will be a new bunch of chirpers for me to watch over coffee.  Her beak is the color of theses peaches and I can't wait to see what baby cardinals look like.  The male cardinal built this nest ... out of mostly pine straw.  It is a different looking nest then what the finch family used ... that one was left over from last year and touched up before the eggs were placed there.  This little cardinal has a deeper, more rounded nest.  She is also a bigger bird.  I am enjoying watching a bit ... .  It was so much fun to see that last batch leave their nest and fly ... kind of amazing really. 

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