The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, June 18, 2011

From 18 November 2009

Here it is Wednesday and I haven't written much this week. I am thinking about a few things - DA vs PA which no one but me is very interested in! It's been a busy week as the semester winds down. Last lecture was last night. I'm getting better at teaching, but I wish I had twice as much time with the class bc it seems like there's so much more to cover. I work with mostly freshmen - they haven't learned that they really need to read the material before (and probably after) the lecture. Last night we reviewed among other things - how to convert PA to DA on the E6b. Here is another easy formula to calculate density altitude from pressure altitude

***This is an easier formula to calculate (with great approximation) density altitude from pressure altitude and International Standard Atmosphere temperature deviation

Density altitude in feet = pressure altitude in feet + (120 x (OAT - ISA_temperature))

OAT = Outside air temperature in °C
ISA_temperature = 15 °C - (1.98 °C/1000 ft × pressure altitude in feet)***Wikipedia

One of the students said his CFI taught him a different way which I encouraged him to share with the class - it was not correct information and I shut him down pretty fast b4 he embarrassed himself or confused the class but we had to spend extra time cleaning it up and rethinking it. I like that. I like looking at new ways of doing things - tricks passed from one CFI to another - but I am concerned about misinformation too. As I teach (we had 40 in class last night) I am very much aware that this is the first imprint of a lot of this aviation info for these beginning aviators. I want to get it right for them (and myself). Anybody who has read my posts(heart) knows that I think it is extremely important to have a correct/strong perspective and also that I believe we are easily tweaked to misperceive (not a word, I know but so perfectly misused here - ) misunderstand...miss. We all want to "get it right". No one sets out to be uninformed - but there are a lot of idiots out there! I want to have the eyes of my heart open - I want to see as clearly as possible what it true. I love the rocks at the Smithsonian Inst. Everyone thinks I'm talking about the Hope Diamond when I say that, but I am actually talking about the dirtclods in the back of the exihibit - in natural light they look like - dirtclods - in other lights, like ultraviolet - they look like - the Hope Diamond (sorta) ... we walk around looking at stuff like our way of seeing things is THE way...when really it is limited to "our way". I really like that there are different lights to see things in. I pray that I may see things as God has in mind for me to see them and not let those shadows distort my view.

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