The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, June 18, 2011

health notes. 10 October 2009

These high stress weeks are "helping" me gain weight. I do not want to gain weight. When I quit smoking several years ago I was shocked to see the pounds that I put on that first 6 months - I almost started smoking again - only the idea that I would be fat and a smoker keep me from trying smoking as a weight loss plan. ( when I felt weak, I went to Walmart and noticed a lot of fat smokers lighting up on their way out the door. I do a lot of my research at Walmart - used to love to drive out to DFW when I lived in Fort Worth. Walmart is the local crossroads....)My bff quit smoking a year after I did - she also gained a lot of weight. Now she is starting to be interested in her health. She has had knee replacement surgery. Maybe we can get "fabulous" together. I read an interesting article tonight. It is about smelling/attraction. It says women on the pill don't smell (with their noses) as well as women not on the pill. The article contends that we can select a highly compatible mate based on how they smell - presumably they need to like how you smell also. Women on the pill tend to chose men with similar (to them) DNA - not an optimal match. The premise is that the male smell reduced to it's least complex - sweat - smell is what IT is all about. And I think that is correct. I do not comment on how a man smells because I think it is way too personal! Someone - one of those young men at work - last week was doing a survey (among his co-workers) about "what do women really like/want". I said it is all about the smell of the guy - he needs to smell like her guy. Smell - It's alarming simple. So that's download from Women's Health magazine ... that and to flatten your abs - basically, you gotta bust your butt.

It's been too dark at 530 to walk Sammy lately - that has contributed to the weight gain. - We're talking 5 pounds max but I really need to be moving my weight in the other direction. I gotta get some better strategies in place. I used to work out from 5 - 6 in the morning at the health club - after I broke my leg I quit that and haven't started back. I am thinking about and missing those 5 miles on the cross trainer every morning. Then I did free weights 4 days a week at home. I do not like working out with people. I didn't like the spinning class or Pilate's. I like ipod in and would wear dark glasses if it bordered on socially acceptable! I haven't been doing yoga lately either. I got bummed out in July or so this year and I can see now that I haven't been taking very good care of my exercise stuff - why do we let the stinkers in our lives get us down?! I am definitely going to get busy on this.

I finished my drawing of the prop governor - it's not "art" but I like it...and I understand it. I love how truly simple machines are. They can be so simple and elegant. I like it that mankind is creative and inventive. I sure would like to do my check ride this week. All our guys, including the man who will conduct my practical check, will be getting FAA check outs this Tuesday - except, it is forecast to rain all week (again). Maybe I am learning something useful about patience.

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