The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small things - again. From Feb 2010

morning joe
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I captured a couple of really cool images on our hike this past week end. Yesterday I printed a few copies off on watercolor paper and I got my jinormous box of prismacolors out. My flight instructor was out - under the weather - I especially don't like him to feel sick. I am so happy to see a person like him diving back in to the little pond. Anyway - I caught up on some house work and played just a little bit with my pencils. My husband gave me a tri-level wooden box full of every color Prisma makes...they each have their own cradle...ahh, the luxury! I love to choose a color and lift it out from under the overhanging tray wondering if it's been sharpened...or not yet used. It really is the small things! I'll enhance some of the details on the photo and play with overlaying a wash of watercolor - we'll see. Fun.

I've got some PTA stuff to wrap up today. One of my kids is the State diving champ...every year since she was 8 I think. She's bored with diving. Last year she went out for track - she has three older siblings - we all knew she could run! Just playing around she threw the disc or shot put, I can't remember which. She caught the coaches attention and he said we need you throwing. We've got runners. She did stunningly well competing last year. This year she old enough to throw the javelin. She's thrilled. Now they've discovered that she doesn't have a lick of sense and they've got her pole vaulting. Her dive coach was the Olympic dive coach in the recent summer games - her vaulting coach was an Olympian. We are very fortunate here to have so many awesome opportunities for our children to train with world class athletes. Other than the obvious benefits of working with super coaches is the peek at what the everyday life - after - looks like. We have a son who is at the point of deciding whether or not he has the passion to continue on the baseball throwing trajectory that he's been on. His first word was ball. I will do whatever it calls for to support the dreams of my children as long as they as know what they are their dreams/goals. It is the hardest part of parenting to be as supportative as possible without stepping over the line of driving your children towards a destination that they don't want to live at. I think my son is an engineer (like his dad). I think his quality of life will be better, richer, more...if he looks towards that rather than baseball...he is making that choice now. It is so hard to trust a 17 yearold with steering his own course. It's hard to remember that I was pretty competent when I was 17. I do remember that, but my husband doesn't remember that about himself, though I'm sure it was true of him as well. With our older children we see them finding their way. Sometimes my husband really wants it to be his way. He's a smart guy, the wants all good for his family. I keep on trying to remind him that our part of this is timing out. We raise confident, competent people and we need to bite our lips and smile as they stretch their wings.

Today I am not thinking about that really - I know what I think about that. I know how I feel about that too.

Today I am thinking about Oswald Chambers' little talk on The Inspiration of Spiritual Initiative - yesterday's dealio. ...get up and get going...God does not give us overcoming life...He gives us life as we overcome. Today OC writes (ok he's not writing it today, but I am reading it today) God steps in and inspires us to do the most simple ordinary things, small things that we would never have imagined God was in, but as we do them we find him there.

I gotta run - I've got a bunch of small things to do today.

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