The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy birthday

Now I have had a glass of wine (with the wonderful dinner that I prepared because I really like to cook for my family). I am going to drink another glass of wine while someone else does the dinner dishes. Then if I want to and can pour one I am going to take a glass of wine to the shower before I go to bed tonight. I am going to sleep well tonight and I am not going to dream about freakyweird critters that make me wish I had a gun under my pillow! Mr. K is supposed to get his re-cert check ride tomorrow...and maybe the weather will cooperate and maybe he will. I am going to schedule my ride with him the very minute he is available and if my steep spirals suck then they will just have to suck. If he wants a re-check then we will pretty them up for him - it's not like I can't rock them. Alright - I can see that in fact I will be able to pour another glass if I do want to.
So - this is nice - today is my Dad's, and his twin brother, Uncle Terry's birthday - and they would be 75 today. I hope God will tell them I love them today...maybe He will - doesn't really matter since I don't know either way and won't. My Dad liked to set up a singing time in Granddaddy's 4 car garage - all the brothers played some instrument. Unfortunately, maybe - again who is to say - they would drink cold Buds and sing whenever they got together. Grandmomma didn't like the drinking much but she did love her naughty boys. They sang the old Baptist songs and would cuss each other for getting the words wrong. I don't think it's sad - I think it was funny. Daddy had 6 brothers and 4 sisters - 11 in all. Four were, in reality, the cousins. Daddy's momma died before I was born - she was a Rayburn - and her brother, Daddy's Uncle also died. Grand daddy married his sister in law and all the cousins were raised together. I did love my Grandmother - I loved my Granddaddy too. Grandmomma and Granddaddy Bill I called them - even though that was not his name at all - he said his daddy had a dog named Bill that he was called after - which was bs - I'm pretty sure. My Granddaddy was a teaser. His Daddy was a Texas Ranger and a farmer - I called him Pa L-------. and I liked him a lot. He had cows in a field which I wasn't fond of but there you go - it's that whole animal thing. Pa liked me and so did my GG L-------. Daddy's people were honest hard working people and I am fortunate to come from such decent folks. They lived up around Kilgore. My Daddy - I miss him. I miss singing with him - I miss his guitar picking, He liked to sing "May the circle be unbroken in the sky, Lord, in the sky...may the circle be unbroken by and by Lord by and by." He's definitely got plenty of people there to celebrate with if that is done in heaven. I used to spend the summer's with Uncle Terry - he married late and had no children. He was very fond of me and my brothers - I always adored my Uncle Terry. He did oil exploration all over the world. I was 14 and at his house in Houston when he had his first stoke - he was about 40 - wow - we found out later that their identical twin heart was a little messed up. Uncle Terry couldn't play his bass guitar after that stroke. My Daddy called to check on things before the ambulance even arrived - that twin thing. Daddy said he was not a big enough man to sit there unable to speak and unable to even hold his damn guitar...he didn't want to live beyond his first heart event. And he didn't. Okay - this is supposed to be about happy memories. My Dad and his brother looked exactly alike - except Uncle Terry was living faster with all his wild single man ways - ha - that's my mom talking there. They sounded exactly alike - smelled exactly alike and their skin felt exactly alike ... they were a lot alike personality wise. Both funny,smart, honorable and philosophical men...both very lovely men. Happy birthday darlings! Hope y'all are having fun together and with the rest of the circle - see y'all soon enough. Thanks for all the good y'all put into me. I love you both so much!

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