The way to love someone
is to lightly run your finger over that person's soul
until you find a crack,
and then gently pour your love into that crack.
~Keith Miller

Friday, June 3, 2011

This is absolutely the best yogurt I've ever seen in a grocery store. There are several flavors available ... I don't prefer the peach ... bitter ... or the honey ... honey was absent. All the other flavors are delicious.  I eat this with frozen seedless grapes and a sprinkle of walnuts.  So good.
My favorite summer food for sure.

Another 200 bucks worth of rental checkout ... wow.  I told him it would be nice if we could double-dip me on a Flight Review ... we'll have to meet next week for the ground ... I'm going to figure out some interesting questions for that hour ... and I'll pay for lunch ... he eats only one meal a day so ... well, it is both disturbing and fascinating to see that many groceries consumed at once. ... I'm thinking all you can eat sushi/hibachi grill.  This kid ... I say kid ...he has kids himself ... I've flown quite a bit with both him and his wife ... they are as close to me as anyone who doesn't share my last name ... as the joke goes ... this kid is a Naval Academy grad and more then anyone else I ever hang out with he likes aerodynamics ... I do too. Some blog I wandered in to was talking about spin recovery and a discussion on aileron neutral and the whys and wherefores of that.  It's taught aileron neutral ... increasing the angle would seem to tighten up the spin or stall the wing even further depending on the input ... to me ... I am not an engineer, just casually thinking about this.  The blogger didn't agree and offered some discussion on why ... interesting.  That will be one of our topics.

The flight was good for me.  I was in a pissy mood this morning.  I actually thought about cancelling the flight because this is supposed to be fun and I wasn't sure I would be up for fun.  And it was so hot. The mood out there was rough.  One of the guys who I sat in CFI ground school with this time last year said he has flown only about 10 hours this whole past year towards his training ... I can't even imagine how depressing that must feel.  A lot of the guys go to Alaska and get their seaplane stuff done for fun when they finish the CFI certificate ... We were all joking around about heading up there when the last of the class finishes ... uh ... today I told them to not feel bad about going without me ... I may not qualify for a medical by then!  The last two guys hired out there ... from our CFI class both have interviews with ASA next week ... they are both outstanding candidates for that route.  Those birds are flyng out of that nest!  Still no plans to hire more nstructors I hear.  The plane I flew today wasn't ship shape ... baggage compartment was left open and there was trash all over the floor ... big pieces and little pieces ... a placard was even down and the avionics switch was left on ... tsk tsk.  I left feeling good about not working there ... although I still want a job.

The profile today was just slow flight, stalls and cruise ... unbelievably hazy.  I didn't have one single landing that I was proud of ... the energy just seemed squirrelly today ... didn't want to climb I expected that, but was very surprised that it didn't want to land ... next week I'll go out and just do laps if I can get away and have the money for that ... we will see.

The parent birds seem to be trying to coax the birds out of the nest. I may get to see them fly today ... pretty sweet stuff.

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